Hillary’s Dirty (Fracking) E-Mails

The Intercept –
Hillary Clinton’s Energy Initiative Pressed Countries to Embrace Fracking, New Emails Reveal

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The Intercept
Hillary Clinton’s Energy Initiative Pressed Countries to Embrace Fracking, New Emails Reveal

” . . . Far from challenging fossil fuel companies, the emails obtained by The Intercept show that State Department officials worked closely with private sector oil and gas companies, pressed other agencies within the Obama administration to commit federal government resources including technical assistance for locating shale reserves, and distributed agreements with partner nations pledging to help secure investments for new fracking projects.


SEE ALSOHillary’s secret 3-11 e-mails

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2.2 Quake at New Madrid(!) – and 2.1 Quake in Tenn. Near 2 Nuke Plants!


New Madrid, MISSOURI — the town,
not the fault line …. well, that too!





As usual the OK frack-quakes are still going off constantly. We don’t bother reporting them here. It will  be big news if they stop! But they aren’t helping either.

RSOE Alert Map

New Sea Floor Maps

On the Gulf of Mexico

New seafloor map reveals thousands of seamounts

 Vast unexplored areas of the ocean have now been mapped with new satellite data and scientists have discovered thousands of previously uncharted seamounts in addition to an extinct spreading ridge in the Gulf of Mexico.

Seamounts, which are at least 1,000 meters (3,200 feet) in height, were also prominent (not in the Gulf)  features in the new map,

NOAA Gulf of Mexico Map Tools (many).

Here are just a few:

Computer-enhanced multibeam bathymetry map of the northwestern and northern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf and slope.

West Flower Garden Bank in GOM

Bright Bank, and underwater salt dome on the continental shelf of the Gulf of Mexico


On the Seafloor, Global

New maps from Scripps Institution of Oceanography: New Map Exposes Previously Unseen Details of Seafloor

This map shows the spreading rift (Africa to South Asia)

3 plates merge at the Indian Ocean

The map set

Hoping High Winds in Louisiana Don’t Knock Out Power to Nuke Plants!

Bignext windy day today from Louisiana to the Florida coast. Let’s hope the power doesn’t get knock out to the nuke plants!

[ image from RSOE Map ]

WAFB weather page
Detailed aviation forecast page from NOAA

WBRZ – All warnings have expired, thunderstorm watch in effect for eastern part of WBRZ viewing area

WWL LIVE RADAR — Use LAYERS in upper right corner to add wind speed info

NOAA satellite