Gulf of Mexico Methane, Dead Pool and oddities

More on the Gulf of Mexico –

Murderous Deadpool Lurks At The Bottom Of The Gulf Of Mexico


This is official info from Univ. of Georgia –
GoMRI RFP-V: Vertical upwelling & bottom-boundary layer dispersal at a natural seep site (Di Iorio) caution50 < they are run by BP cry


LINK –  ◄– we cannot find this patent on the patent search page. If anyone finds it please post the link in a comment here.



The NOAA has its own air force in Tampa Florida for “airborne environmental data gathering missions” … why don’t they fly to Louisiana and check out the sinkhole?? They are almost next door and funded in advance!

NOAA – The Integrated Ocean Observing System

Gulf of Mexico data ◄–   better data page

Gas monitoring data (MAP – all land based frowny locations)

NOAA carbon tracker map, smile1[Figure 4. CarbonTracker Observational Network]
has NO trackers shown  for the Gulf of Mexico.

NOAA – Bathymetry has good sea floor maps of the Gulf. If you have GoogleEarth installed you can get a map from this page.

Hydrocarbons in N. Gulf of Mexico Migration Pathways – [PDF] … more on the METHANE page.

Rotten CDC paper on pfiesteria Most of the articles we can find on this topic are written by BP shills.


SEE ALSO earlier post from May 12….


13 thoughts on “Gulf of Mexico Methane, Dead Pool and oddities

  1. G00gle has discarded all Deepwater Horizon info/location from their stupid G00gleEarth app. Idiots!

  2. This bacteria sounds like one of the synthesized bacteria they call Synthia. Very disturbing to me. Another way of ingesting it is the speculation that it will be used to make synthetic meat from algae which tastes like beef for example.

  3. You put up some maps recently which made me realize that Bayou Corne is a lot closer to the coast than it appears from the LEAN flyovers. It’s so long since the last one that it’s probably a lot closer now. I think it was Walter gave the link to the New Yorker article on Atchafalaya. Most appreciated and a superb and informative read – highly recommended for those that missed it

    • Here is some documentary films on Youtube
      That flood on 1937 most of that water came from Tennessee and the Ohio river.

      The River 1937 documentary
      This is short Depression-era documentary describes the importance of the Mississippi River to the United States.

      More documentary films
      The Plow That Broke the Plains, ca. 1937 documentary
      The Valley of the Tennessee, 1944 documentary
      1937 Ohio River documentary
      When Havoc Struck – Ohio Flood – 1978 TV Series Glenn Ford

      Remember the flooding in 2015 along the Mississippi River

      This is at Chattanooga, TN Christmas Flood 2015
      A lot of that water did not make it to the Mississippi River they made the water go to other places

    • yeah, we were talking about that in late 2015 when there was all that flooding coming down the Miss. River.
      John McPhee is great.

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