Power Outage Near Waterford Nuke Plant Area

Power back on.

Entergy has restored power to more than 7,000 residents in Kenner and Metairie Saturday (May 14) afternoon following several power outages in the area, according to the outage map provided by Entergy. A piece of equipment failed at a substation on West Esplanade Avenue that affected approximately 7,000 customers in total…”


Note: Nuke plants melt down without constant electrical power to their control room. Their “back-up” generators are worthless after an hour.



20 thoughts on “Power Outage Near Waterford Nuke Plant Area

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  2. What it like living in Mountains when you have a lot of rain falling.
    This is the foot hills of smoky mountains
    Riding the W Road on Signal Mountain on my Honda Helix chattanooga TN
    Look at the road signs in video

    Up the W Road on Christmas Day, 12-25-2015 in the rain all that water coming off the mountain.

      • I was talking about Waterford Nuclear Power Station at the top. I had just said to Mary that I didn’t have time to worry with Louisiana unless it was to look at Waterford nuclear. And, sure enough, there was Waterford Nuclear in the post. She was saying I should read a novel on New Orleans.

      • I don’t think you know it Tennessee along with many other states rerouted a lot of that water from going down the Mississippi river in 2015 flood.
        Pickwick Dam River Flooding 2015 in Hardin County, Tennessee

      • I think high water in springtime is sort of normal for the lower Mississippi River…. with all the spring rain and snow melting from northern states etc.
        And 2015-16 Texas has had lots of extra rain.
        Tenn. has all those creeks and streams that can turn into rapids!

  3. I need to get back to the Waterford and flooding, which was what I was thinking about when I said I need to do that Louisiana history. This is all I could do on Palisades. There must be something more complicated to have rad water leaking from non-rad water source. Like that other pipes cross above control room. That reminds me of the fact that I found where Grand Gulf tritium leak came from. On Palisades: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/05/17/four-workers-accused-of-willfully-hiding-info-re-emergency-cooling-tank-leaking-into-reactor-control-room-another-big-easy-nuclear-reactor-day-for-the-us-nrc/

  4. I was looking at one of the Arkansas recorder
    There was a quake on it at 8:04 UTC time the shaking goes on tell 11:10 UTC time
    And there one more it started at 16:53 UTC time and it did not stop shaking tell 20:10 UTC time
    I have not look at the sinkhole recorders for this.

    • Is Kentucky acting up?
      LA 14 shows a LOT of fluid moving at 3 a.m. and later at noon.
      Maybe Lake FUBAR is breaking up.
      I will blog it later.
      Thanks, Walter!

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