Cruddy Breakers at Riverbend Nuke Plant put Everyone at Risk

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The US NRC states that defective breakers may keep the Standby Gas Treatment System, which “limits release to the environment of radioisotopes…under accident conditions” from doing its job.

However, there are so many of these breakers that they might also keep the routine radiation filtration from working, which while incomplete is still more protective than no filtration. And, defective breakers may create conditions leading to a nuclear disaster. With so many potentially defective breakers, almost anything could happen.
NASA lightening
Most likely these defective breakers allowed the outage during an electrical storm earlier this year, and a loss of coolant which could have led to a meltdown. “A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent or overload or short circuit. In the context of a power station, however, breakers can also act as parts…

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4 thoughts on “Cruddy Breakers at Riverbend Nuke Plant put Everyone at Risk

  1. Not just in an accident. It may create an accident as it almost did earlier this year after a lightening storm. According to an engineer, these breakers link together in complex ways like a control panel so if they are defective anything can happen. This includes failure to filter routine rad releases along with emergency radiation releases. There has also been a related HVAC issue and it’s not just about keeping workers cool but equipment can melt. This is literally like the cartoons of springs popping out. There appears to be two main things – one is misfits due to equipment change with different brands can lead to overheating. Another is that if it gets dual signals it stays open and hence doesn’t do its breaker-stop functions. It also doesn’t protect from lightening if it doesn’t work, as happened earlier this year.

    If anyone on the blog has a Geiger Counter within 50 to 100 miles or even 200 miles from Riverbend please start sending in-posting readings along with location and wind direction. Or, at least when wind blowing from the direction of the reactor and general location – soil type.

    • Just to clarify, it’s not definite that it’s leaking radiation constantly. But, it’s a possibility or even that it leaks randomly. It supposedly depends on how it’s rigged up (programmed) for there are hundreds of breakers. Someone pointed out that the US NRC should have tested them. Recall that there is also a systematic electrical defect in 98 of 99 reactors (or is it power stations?) that the NRC is dragging its feet on, despite complaint by 7 engineers in addition to that. If you type Schneider recall gov into the browser you get lots of stuff about Schneider defects. There were also reports to the NRC on overheating of these breakers in 2014. The fact that Riverbend had GE breakers replaced with French Schneider breakers makes for a misfit compared to replacing Swedish or Swiss ABB breakers with French Schneider which can more likely lead to overheating. It’s just one big fuck up, I guess the “Nuclear Logistics” people in Texas wanted to win a free trip to the Moulin Rouge or something.

      David Lochbaum of Union of Concerned Scientists wrote something in Feb. 2016 on the HVAC problem called the Chiller Thriller. It is probably the only understandable piece but still not for the impatient. But, he thinks they are NTI breakers but they are Schneider.

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