Everything’s Fine Says Texas Brine

San Fransisco ChronicleNearly 4 years later, Assumption sinkhole more stable


If it’s so stable can we have a fly over?  How about some photos that are newer than 2013 when the Police Jury last posted them?frackturedfairytale

How about some soil or water reports from DEQ?

Is the DOTD putting away their detour plans for State Highway 70?

According to the Emergency Decree Texas Brine is supposed to keep the public informed on regular basis about the cavern contents at Bayou Corne and other things. The last update about the butane cavern close to Lake FUBAR was in Feb. 2015. The “daily” reports stopped in 2014.


29 thoughts on “Everything’s Fine Says Texas Brine

  1. Maybe you’re just remembering an episode of “The Simpsons”. I seem to recall that very occurrence… Life mimicking a cartoon.

      • No, It wasn’t the Simpsons. I never watched that. These were all good links but it wasn’t any of that. I guess it didn’t come from Mittens then. The links didn’t all show up. That poor guy at WIPP. One of many posts I researched and wrote and too tired to finish. The one on Y12 is relevant but still not the one.

      • I know it wasn’t exact match.
        = whew= I am tired. Too much blogging.
        Hillary mail kept me up til 2 a.m. ….

      • The hard part used to be finding information (sometimes still the case) but now the challenge is processing so much info. I spent a lot of time on the California ballots – around 15 hours only to find that the info I had been sent was incomplete and no way to get the info I needed to finish. I think they are throwing out a lot of ballots but can’t prove it now. I need the info for Republicans and smaller parties for last Friday pm and Monday pm to compare if anyone took screen shots.

  2. It looks like they just lead people along but are shutting it down…..maybe getting closer to the whole thing collapsing into the gulf? Or it could just be total disregard like it pretty much has been for years

    • I think they want the contaminated water to seep away without having to pay for better clean up.

      • Well, the Mississippi is full of rad waste. NOLA water comes from there. They do actually monitor Cesium in NOLA since Waterford opened I found online late last year. All so tiring. After I find and digest stuff never time to finish even staying up late.

  3. FC and MA, I apologize for being so flip about the reference to the Simpsons. I don’t watch it either but my kids did and the show had lots of subtle and not so subtle anti-nuclear episodes. Actually do remember the incident and will look for it. Been pretty overwhelmed lately with national and local disasters. Involved actively with folks attempting to shut down the neighborhood NPP along with other nuclear issues.

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