New Drilling Next to Lake FUBAR? + NEWS

Dublinsmick has this BP related item – 2012 documentary shows Omar Mateen [Orlando guy] working security during BP oil spill-Deep Water Horizon Blow Out

Mittens sent in this Oil & Gas THREAT MAP link. It is now on the MAP page near the bottom.

(April 28 )  Meeting held to get public’s opinion of proposal for drilling salt dome near giant sinkhole

“Shintech Louisiana wants to start drilling another salt dome near the site of the sinkhole in Assumption Parish.”

If you think there have been a lot of sinkholes worldwide past few weeks you are right.

6-14 – – – – Heli_ANI

Here’s how calm things are at Lake FUBAR –
LA-18 (one of the few working helicorders left)

Yellowstone Updated


15 thoughts on “New Drilling Next to Lake FUBAR? + NEWS

    • Is that all on it’s own or was there a big quakr somewheres at the same time?
      (I am too tired to look it up)

  1. I wonder about that Napoleonville salt dome

    If you could drill very, very deep into that salt dome would that salt under pressure from underground come up by itself ?

    A salt dome is a mound or column of salt that has risen toward the surface because it has a density that is lower than the rock above it. The salt behaves like a stream of high-viscosity oil ascending in slow motion through a thick layer of water above

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