Big Sinkhole (x 2) Emergency in Texas

Looks just like Lake FUBAR! 2 of them!

Texas: Giant unstable sinkholes are growing, could be on verge of catastrophic collapse

Two giant sinkholes in Texas are getting bigger and are at risk of collapsing – the effects of which could be “catastrophic”, scientists have warned. The sinkholes, found in the towns of Wink and Kermit, have been observed via satellite, and images indicate major changes could be underway.

The two sinkholes are currently a mile apart. The first one – Wink 1 – appeared in 1980, while the second – Wink 2 – opened up in 2002. They were caused by intense gas and oil extraction in the region from the 1920s to the 1960s. Wink 1 is currently 110m across, while Wink 2 can reach up to 270m. . . .

. . . . The team also found large areas of subsidence around the sinkholes, indicating more could appear in the future, or that they could collapse into one massive sinkhole. . . .(more + video, photos)

From the article:

The sinkholes are east of El Paso, Texas – MAP

Strange SoundsTwo infamous sinkholes are expanding and threatening residents of Wink and Kermit, Texas – has video

NewsWest 9 (April 16) Wink Sinkhole Growing, Sheriff Concerned About Public Safety

42 thoughts on “Big Sinkhole (x 2) Emergency in Texas

  1. Does anyone have the coordinates for those sinkholes? I searched for Wink and google earth and didn’t get it. I want to see its location on google earth. I guess I need to look around. Major nuclear parts scam though.

      • Power Outage Alabama

        Straight-line Winds, or Microburst

        Mistletoe State Park Storm Damage
        Mistletoe State Park in Appling Ga., Friday afternoon June 17, 2016.

    • Dow does nuclear filtration resins I think. A worker was actually voicing opposition to the 100 mSv, I think for that reason. Didn’t they just merge with Dupont? The resins have to be disposed of someplace though. I don’t think Dow owned Union Carbide when Bhopal happened, but they inherited liability. Just read on another blog that Monsanto was a Jewish family based out of New Orleans. It checks out too. The guy who started Monsanto wasn’t Monsanto, however. His wife was. Monsanto did nuclear too from very early, as well as Agent Orange. I was surprised at how many Jewish families came into the US very early, including the south – well before the American Revolution. At least one couple in South Carolina or Virginia had 21 kids. At that rate half of the US south must be ethnic Jewish converted to Christianity because there aren’t that many officially Jewish people. Also Touro, as in New Orleans Touro infirmary was a wealthy Jewish family. Surprisingly, up until recently (20th century) many rural American families were unchurched or church once a month anyway simply for lack of churches, lack of interest, lack of transportation. Thus, their religion didn’t matter so much. There were also many common law marriages for lack of preachers in the 19th century. Jewish converts have tended to favor protestantism because it is more monotheistic in appearance and closer to Judaism.

    • WLOS Bear chases man at Clingman’s Dome in GSMNP

      Clingmans Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 6,643 Ft.
      At 6,643 feet, Clingmans Dome is Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s highest point. It is the highest point in Tennessee, and the second highest point east of the Mississippi. Only North Carolina’s Mt. Mitchell (6,684 feet) rises higher.

    • The Appalachian Mountains in East Tennessee they are a lot older than the Blue Ridge Mountains.
      The Blue Ridge Mountains or you could say Great Smoky Mountains are very young.

      These Appalachian mountain ranges likely once reached elevations similar to those of the Alps and the Rocky Mountains before they were eroded.

      The Clingmans Dome Observation Tower is what sinking
      In the time since the tower was built more than 50 years ago, there has been some settling into the ground of about four inches.

      Clingmans Dome

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