APPJ: Evacuation Order Changed + News

“The area to the west of Grand Bayou along Highway 70 that was once part of the Mandatory and Voluntary Evacuation Order from the Bayou Corne Sinkhole is now removed from any Evacuation Orders, with the exception of the residential area near Bayou Corne.

The area has been reviewed and through the preponderance of evidence, the area has been deemed no longer at risk due to the Sinkhole and gas associated with its creation. Please note that the area of Sportsman’s Drive and a small portion of Crawfish Stew St. remains in the designated evacuations until these areas can be investigated to show that all risks have been eliminated from concerns due to the creation of the Bayou Corne Sinkhole and the failure of Oxy Geismar Cavern 3. . . “ (more)

We are real sure “through the preponderance of evidence” is a legal phrase.

The Advocate Area ‘no longer risk,’ mandatory evacuation orders lifted around Bayou Corne sinkhole, officials say

Over in Florida – ‘Guacamole-thick’ algae causes crisis on Florida coastline

“STUART, Fla. — A smelly, “guacamole-thick” muck is fouling a stretch of beaches promoted as Florida’s “Treasure Coast,” where lawmakers and residents blame the federal government, saying the algae crisis is fueled by freshwater flows controlled by Army officials to protect an erosion-prone dike.”

Obama Administration Approved Gulf Fracking During Deepwater Horizon Disaster

” . . . From 2010 to October 2014, the Obama administration approved more than 1,500 permit applications for offshore drilling plans that included fracking at hundreds of wells across the Gulf of Mexico  . . .”


16 thoughts on “APPJ: Evacuation Order Changed + News

  1. I heard that Cajun restaurants don’t bother with a menu, they just use a Bayou Corne street map. Sorry, couldn’t resist. They were named in happier times, I remember the song ‘In the shade of the old apple tree’ Crawdats wus bitin my toes,

    • I figure some of those people in Florida with the new swamp water (Guacamole algae) will come to Bayou Corne for greener pastures 🙂

      • Here in NZ we have a complete ban on shellfish/filter feeder harvesting during algal blooms as they are lethal.

      • I would imagine Florida has the same.
        I know New York monitors the water and occasionally bans oyster gathering.

        I think the smell is driving them nuts and beach front motels hit hard as this is a big holiday weekend in the USA.

  2. There something not right with this helicorder graphs
    LA17 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 284m, LA

    And this is the same well just not as deep what going there
    LA17 HHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 185m, LA

    Bayou Corne sinkhole Accident
    Show the helicorder graphs for today as linked thumbnails

    Show the helicorder graphs for today as linked thumbnails (Location map)

    Bayou Corne sinkhole Accident
    Search and RSS Listings

    Active, Watched, and Retired Crises

  3. At Facebook Forgotten Bayou web site there trying to pull that 2013 photos of the sinkhole and saying there new.

    Area ‘no longer risk,’ mandatory evacuation orders lifted around Bayou Corne sinkhole, officials say
    Same old bull a 2013 photo of the sinkhole

    Here is some 2015 photo of that sinkhole
    Bayou Corne Flyovers #17 and #18 — 2015 July-August

    • They must be using that Texas Brine Press Release about how it has all settled down.
      Too bad there’s still some helicorders workinmg showing otherwise.
      Plus … if it’s all settled down how come this blog has so much traffic from all over the world??

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