More Safety Related Defects Potentially Impact at Least 6 US Nuclear Power Stations

Waterford nuke plant included here ….

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Eaton Freedom Defects Nuclear Reported by AZZ
Nuclear Power Stations which are listed as potentially impacted by defective Eaton Freedom Series Size 3, 4 and size 5 contacts/starters are Oconee in South Carolina, Shearon Harris near Raleigh North Carolina, Columbia in Washington State, Turkey Point near Miami Florida, North Anna in Virginia, near Washington DC, and Waterford near New Orleans, Louisiana. This was reported by AZZ, which recently purchased NLI (Nuclear Logistics Inc), and seems to want to come clean on these and other defects which they recently reported. However, these (and other) potentially defective parts may have been provided to other nuclear power stations by other companies, such as AREVA. Why isn’t Eaton issuing a direct recall?

About the defect:
The safety function of the contactor is to reliably supply uninterrupted power (no contact chatter) to a load on demand. For special degraded voltage applications, the NLI supplied contactor is equipped with an NLI…

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11 thoughts on “More Safety Related Defects Potentially Impact at Least 6 US Nuclear Power Stations

  1. I like to see Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation Richard Ieyoub letter he wrote about this.

    The state office made the monitoring changes Tuesday a few months after Texas Brine requested it be allowed to conduct no further action around the sinkhole. Ieyoub, in his letter, though, said the agency would not go that far and gave requirements before he would consider no further action for the still-inhabited parts of Bayou Corne.

    Ieyoub wrote that Texas Brine must submit written statements from a licensed geoscientist or engineer saying that the remaining gas still under the inhabited areas “does not pose a serious threat to life or safety based upon the data and information available.”

    Ieyoub also would not agree to relieve Texas Brine of some of the seismic monitoring requirements for the sinkhole and surrounding salt dome caverns, as he noted “seismic events” continue in those areas.

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