6.3 Quake and Aftershocks in New Zealand Probably Not So Good for Lake FUBAR

Since the helicorders are mostly offline at Bayou Corne with no good prospect for getting repaired we can only guess how the wrecked cavern is holding up.
We are counting on Arkansas helicorders.

They are both pretty shallow at less than 10 miles deep.

Here’s the X502 Temporary heli in Arkansas at that time. UTC time is on the right side of the chart –

It shows a big slosh for about an hour over there. Imagine what it’s doing to poor Bayou Corne!

This Arkansas helicorder page doesn’t show the temp. stations on the map. Anyone who finds a map of them please comment here.

Thanks, Walter for the news tip about the seismic activity – 😉


20 thoughts on “6.3 Quake and Aftershocks in New Zealand Probably Not So Good for Lake FUBAR

  1. A documentary film about the Bayou Corne Sinkhole and they have a 2013 photo of the sinkhole
    Why don’t they show a 2016 of that sinkhole.

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  3. RE: “This Arkansas helicorder page doesn’t show the temp. stations on the map. Anyone who finds a map of them please comment here.”
    While not a map, I did find a document (Final Technical Report 2010 – 2014 Mid – America Integrated Seismic Network — CERI) with the latitude and longitude of X502 (35.490°, -92.387°) and others. Link below:
    I just searched the pdf for the location reference (X502) extracted Lat[itude] & Lon[gitude] added the appropriate “°”s and “,” then used Google Earth to find said.

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