Chile Quake Swarm Probably Shaking Lake FUBAR

There’s a big quake swarm on the coast area of Chile featuring several 4+M quakes and a big one at 6.1M USGS MAP

Up in Louisiana that amount of shaking can’t be good for the collapsed salt dome remains in Lake FUBAR.


17 thoughts on “Chile Quake Swarm Probably Shaking Lake FUBAR

  1. No I don’t see anything
    LA17 EHZ YC 01 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 284m, LA

    LA19 HHZ YC — : Bayou Corne, LA–.2016072512.gif?v=1469490993

    LA18 HHZ YC — : Bayou Corne, LA–.2016072512.gif?v=1469490993

    Just a little shaking on this one
    LA14 HHZ YC — : Bayou Corne, LA–.2016072512.gif?v=1469490993

    Let take a look at a recorder far from the sinkhole and in Louisiana
    143B HHZ N4 — : Socs Landing, Pioneer, LA, USA–.2016072512.gif?v=1469491410

        The above link provides information on the various wave types that can be generated by earthquakes. It states “Earthquakes radiate seismic energy as both body and surface waves but deep earthquakes generally do not generate surface waves.” and “Surface waves, in contrast to body waves can only move along the surface. They arrive after the main P and S waves and are confined to the outer layers of the Earth. They cause the most surface destruction. Earthquake surface waves are divided into two different categories: Love and Rayleigh.”. This may explain why no reaction at lake FUBAR.

      • I’m really out of my depth with this; but a little more digging:
        “Love waves are transverse and restricted to horizontal movement – they are recorded only on seismometers that measure the horizontal ground motion.” – which would add another variable to the equation i.e. what type of seismometer is being used along with its sensitivity settings and how different wave types are effectively depicted.

      • I would guess some seismic monitor stations have some equipment to measure that. And maybe not all monitors are accessible by the public.

      • Walter, perhaps we should also ask why Seismic Network N4 (Central and Eastern US Network) shows it and the 4 x YC (Texas Brine Corporation Louisiana Seismic Network – assuming it still under their effective control) does not!
        I also believe the reference HHZ/EHZ implies its the vertical motion being monitored – so any sloshing (horizontal movement) may be obfuscated.

      • …. reminder everybody, Nanometrics doesn’t answer any e-mail when you inquire about Assumption Parish monitors. Even if you go through all of their instructions, register etc.

  2. As I said before their going to be a Documentary film on TV about that 80 years old Norris Dam For The Greater Good they say.
    What lead after was world shaking not too far from Norris Dam the building of a city in two years’ time with over 75,000 people living there.

    Valley of the Tennessee the beginning of TVA

    Just to build Norris Dam 2 river went under water
    3,000 homes tore down 14,000 people would vanish you could say told to get off your land

    When Tennessee has too much rain they have to spill water this is one year they had way to much water.
    Over 3 million gallons of water flow over the dam every minute.

    Uploaded on Apr 19, 2011
    Norris Dam in Norris, TN releasing water on April 18th 2011.

  3. 7.7-magnitude quake strikes Mariana Islands

    M7.7 – 31km SSW of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands
    2016-07-29 21:18:25 UTC 18.515°N 145.529°E 212.4 km depth

    The heliographs I looked at (including L143B_HHZ_N4 and LA14_HHZ_YC) showing it. Lake FUBAR no doubt would have had a tummy ache!

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