7.7 Mariana Is. quake shakes up Lake FUBAR



LA14 shows it –  It was 131 miles deep –



LA19 had bizarre before/after waves!


20 thoughts on “7.7 Mariana Is. quake shakes up Lake FUBAR

  1. 7/29/2016 — Large M7.7 Earthquake strikes West Pacific — California warned and then HIT
    What this has to with the US and Japan or those Tsunami Buoy

    7/29/2016 — California EQ Hit –Earthquake3d live stream nightly update

    home web site

    False Alarm: Sudden Tsunami Buoy Movement Off New Jersey Coast Raises Concerns
    I could not find a date on this I think it was in 4/25/2016

    • on last item — there is a big fear of large wave (during hurricane etc.) hitting the NJ shore near Manhattan. It would rebound to the (sea level) Wall Street area. The city is full of subway tunnels there that would be filled with water and a wave could put all those sky scrapers about 10 or 20 feet under water. It would knock out elevators etc.
      Lots of plans to close those buildings early in case of a big storm etc.

  2. A update on that TVA celebrates 80 years of Norris Dam with public party
    They would not let you drive up to Norris dam they had bus and they had to get more bus taking the people to the dam
    You had to Park at the Museum of Appalachia from there they had bus that went to the dam
    There was people from all over the US that came see this
    There was 1,000 and 1,000 of people that came see the inside the this dam and Saturday there going have this again
    Well over 6,000 when I was there

  3. Take time to watch Racoon Mountain Virtual Tour
    The visitors center start on top of a mountain you have to take an elevator down to the power plant
    The dam tunnel to the power plant room the ecko sounds are creepy

    The overhead cranes can lift 220 ton each
    It a very good look at the dam Power Plant how it work inside the mountain
    The dam lake is on the very top of a mountain

    Racoon Mountain Virtual Tour

    Home web side

    • great! Maybe most of has caved in! You’d think for 4 year anniversary someone would take picture of how big that sinkhole is. Or pony up the $ for a space image (available to buy).
      On quake front many watch Indonesia since a volcano woke up there this week.
      A big quake there may make quakes in California (opinion).

  4. M7.2 – 109km E of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia
    2016-08-12 01:26:35 UTC
    22.495°S 173.111°E 10.0 km depth

    Another tummy ache for Lake FUBAR.
    Shows on L43B, LA14, X502, and others.

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