Storm Watch Louisiana – Go Now if Told to

NEW:  Gov. says go if you are told to.

If your zone has evacuation order – we say go while the gettin’s good. Roads may be closed if you wait too long.

FLASH FLOOD WATCH for some areas extended until SUNDAY

NOAA page

New Orleans Times-PicayuneLIVE RADAR

RIVER STAGES – Louisiana

All this major high water on the river gages is north of Lake FUBAR! The water will all be on the way to the swamps and bayous in Assumption Parish.


FLASH FLOOD WATCH (many parishes) until Sat. – details: WAFB — they have info on how to pick up sandbags if you need them

More Rain Expected to Drop on Soggy Louisiana, Mississippi

” . . . .Numerous rivers in southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi were overflowing their banks and threatening widespread flooding after extreme rainfall that began late Thursday, the National Weather Service reported. . . .”

Hope those nuke plants don’t get flooded or have any power outage!

NASA’s GPM Examines Exceptionally Heavy Louisiana Rainstorms

(new link address) GULF SATELLITE


UPDATES will gi here later – FC


18 thoughts on “Storm Watch Louisiana – Go Now if Told to

    • we got a BIG dump of torrential rain BEFORE it made tropical storm status (it was a depression).
      Then it rained on and off all day after. Lots of lightening too.

  1. Where is the dirt for the sandbags from? Rocky Flats plutonium plant clean-up sent sandbags for Katrina. Gotta wonder if the “sand” is contaminated dirt. Fits perfectly with the dilute to deceive policy. Are the generators working at Waterford and Riverbend?

    • shoot … I forgot about he nuke plants … watch if the power stays on. RSOE map will show little symbols for power-out areas.

      • Not just power outages. Recall that either because of that open phase problem or breaker defects or both, Riverbend nearly melted down in Dec. or Jan. due to lightening strike – I guess it was a power surge. And, Waterford has had some ongoing problems with generator ventilation or something. All but one US reactor has open phase defect and most seem to have many defective breakers.

  2. Flood Risk at Nuclear Power Plants | Union of Concerned Scientists.
    The following 34 U.S. nuclear plants were identified in the NRC’s 2011 report as being at heightened risk of flood damage due to upstream dam failures.
    I don’t see any flooding problems yet. Check back for updates.
    NRC: Current Event Notification Report for August 12, 2016

  3. Watch “Large fire erupts at Shell oil refinery in Louisiana” on YouTube

    Watch “No employees injured in Motiva Convent refinery fire” on YouTube

    Watch “Suspicious – Firefighters battling large fire at Motiva oil refinery in Convent, Louisiana” on YouTube

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