Watch Out, Louisana! 2nd Storm on the Way!

[This warning is from the Bugle, not from any gov. agency – F.C. ]


SEE for the latest weather headlines and warnings.


11 thoughts on “Watch Out, Louisana! 2nd Storm on the Way!

  1. Does history repeat itself two years of rain.
    The beginning of help from the US Government
    The Great Flood of 1927 & The Treatment of Blacks

  2. Hurricane Walter (2016)
    Due to Walter, Santa Claus was forced to skip over 10 million children across the Southeast. This resulted in a lot of children being very upset and complaining to their parents the next day, which was known as “the worst Christmas ever” by many.

    2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Names:

    Hurricane Fiona (2016) Formed August 16, 2016
    Hurricane Fiona was a tropical cyclone that struck Florida at Peak Intensity in Late August 2016. It was the Seventh tropical cyclone, Sixth named storm and the fourth hurricane of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season.

    Tropical Storm Gaston (2016)

    If you believe this you well believe anything but who know someone could have look into the future ????

  3. Sent in –

    Fellow lives in Baton Rouge, Charlie Cangelosi

    After helping people in need all day Saturday and Sunday and preparing to go back out Monday my boat was stolen of my truck in my driveway Sunday night. License… number on trailer – D837746. Number on side of boat – LA-9747-BT
    Maybe screenshot these numbers and keep an eye out if possible. Thank you

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