Report on the Record Rain + NEWS



This floodwater is all polluted from the stuff stored in old wells mixing in.

LIVE DATA – Rivers stages map

More river stage links are on the right sidebar.RTarrow


8-19 APPJ: Rain Update, 1:10 p.m.

NBC – President Barack Obama is facing harsh backlash for continuing his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard while Louisiana is reeling from its worst natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina.

For readers who follow weather modification stories this is interesting….
Flooding forces Exxon to shut down Louisiana refinery
Exxon Mobil curbed operations at the fourth-largest U.S. refinery in the U.S. as record flooding in Louisiana shut roadways, sent tens of thousands fleeing from their homes and threatened the state’s oil infrastructure.


Robert Mann – Will the great flood sink Baton Rouge or inspire its rebirth?

” . . . Might it be more useful to view this disaster as an opportunity for a reset – a time to turn from anger to understanding, from division to unity, from grievance to mercy? Might our collective anguish prompt us to acknowledge that Baton Rouge – every square mile of it – is populated by good people of sacred worth who deserve our care and respect?”

Sabal Trail natural gas pipeline faces lawsuit over environmental concerns



15 thoughts on “Report on the Record Rain + NEWS

  1. What is Tropical Cyclone Fiona up to

    Remembering Hurricane Camille “Camille Was No Lady”
    Hurricane Camille hit Virginia, dumping up to 27 inches of rain and killing 153 people. Living In Virginia

    When Havoc Struck – Hurricane Camille – 1978 TV series Glenn Ford

    Hurricane Camille track

    Louisiana hurricanes
    Hurricanes: The Times-Picayune covers 175 years of New Orleans history

    Hurricanes, Floods and Fires in Louisiana History
    Jan. 17 & 18, 1768: According to the History of Louisiana by Francois-Xavier Martin, p. 201, on the seventeenth and eighteenth of January, 1768, the most intense cold, of which there is any remembrance, was felt in Louisiana. The river was frozen before New Orleans for several yards, on both sides. The orange trees were destroyed though out the province and still another in 1772.

  2. MSM will report on LA flooding just as soon as Obama gets back from vacation!They don't want to make it appear as if he doesn't give a hoot! + İlave olarak Merkel doğru olanı yapıyor. Fakat başı çok ağrıyacak. AFD'ye dikkat etmeli şimdi.…

  3. Sent in –
    Southern Boyz Outdoors says
    We cooked to feed 500 people and had over 1000 showed up to eat. But We did end up feeding around 1000 people today. The hardest thing was telling hungry people/with Kids (we’re out of food) That’s what drove us to cook more food today. It’s worst than Katrina for us. Please share this picture/post to Help Get The Word Out About What Is Going On Here in South Louisiana.

  4. Tennessee can get a gully washer those downpour can leave a lot of rain

    Torrential Rain or flash flooding or gully-washers
    In Tennessee the Springs rains can be gully-washer in Eastern Tennessee

    Don’t you like gully-washer in Eastern Tennessee

    Georgia drought
    Georgia Drought Conditions Map – August 16, 2016

    Tennessee Drought Conditions Map – August 16, 2016

    Louisiana Drought Conditions Map – August 16, 2016

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