EnergyFuels’ Uranium Mine Fire in Texas

This is SOUTH Texas … close enough!
SEE how billionaires put their problems of high risk on the ordinary working Joe!

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In early August, the U.S. Border Patrol spotted a wildfire at EnergyFuel (Mestena)’s Alta Mesa In Situ Leach Uranium Mine in South Texas. 60 acres burned before localfirefighters were able t…

Story: US Border Patrol Spots EnergyFuels Uranium Mine Fire in Texas; 60 Acres Burned; Local Fire Department Forced to Battle Fire

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15 thoughts on “ EnergyFuels’ Uranium Mine Fire in Texas

  1. This article is not exactly related to this thread.
    Japan scientists detect rare, deep-Earth tremor.
    Excerpt: The storm in the North Atlantic was known as a “weather bomb,” a small but potent storm that gains punch as pressure quickly mounts.
    Groups of waves sloshed and pounded the ocean floor during the storm, which struck between Greenland and Iceland.
    Using seismic equipment…researchers found something they had not detected before — a tremor known as an S wave microseism.

  2. I remember that just before the M9.0 Japanese earthquake that a low frequency tremor was detected. Scientists were convinced that this slow-moving, low frequency earthquake was a precursor to the large M9.0 Japanese earthquake. A couple years ago a slow moving, low frequency tremor was detected under Vancouver Island, bc, which is near the Cascadia fault zone. Now low-frequency waves are being detected between Greenland and Iceland.

  3. Texas Brine’s response to the Bayou Corne incident.
    Texas Brine update for January 22, 2015.
    So where is the downhole pressures recorder reading at and the pressures reading inside of those caverns.
    Bayou Corne Incident

    Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness response Bayou Corne incident

    Assumption Parish information page

    We got to take their word for this

    After 4 Years, Louisiana Sinkhole Stabilizing
    June 14, 2016
    The sinkhole, located in Bayou Corne about 30 miles northwest of Thibodaux, is still growing. Assumption Parish Government officials say it has grown between 1 1/2 and 2 feet since last year, now up to about 35 acres.

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