Louisiana Officials Demand That Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving the Flood Without Permission

Gulf coast depopulation under way …

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riot_policeMethane IceSource: Daisy Luther

Around the world, governments have recently been issuing an unsettling call for their citizens to become more self-reliant. Just this week, the governments of both Germany and Czechoslovakia warned that people should be prepared for ““be prepared for the worst case possible scenario.”

But here in the United States, just the opposite is happening. Our government seems to have an unquenchable thirst for cracking down on those who take responsibility for themselves. There is an abundance of evidence of this in Louisiana.

The southern state has been hit with the worst flooding in over 500 years.

While the final numbers won’t be known for some time, Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office has estimated 60,646 houses were damaged and 30,000 people rescued; other people escaped on their own.FEMA says 109,398 people or households have applied for housing help, and 25,000 National Flood Insurance Program claims have been filed…

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12 thoughts on “Louisiana Officials Demand That Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving the Flood Without Permission

  1. That can you do with Wobbly Ground under your feet.

    What can you do when the land in Louisiana is moving to the sea
    In this video it show the land moving but in Louisiana the land is moving much slower

    What can you do when the septic tank pop out of ground or the sewer backup into house?

    Firecrackers detonate methane and blown up the septic tank cover

    • when they sprayed Miami they targeted the poor neighborhood right behind the (whiter) high rises. They claimed the plane would be obstructed by the buildings. But that’s bogus. They have trucks that can fog areas.
      Jon Rappopport says there’s not a single autopsy tying zika to birth defects. It’s the pesticide.

  2. Conspiracy theories aside… The use of subversion, infiltration and espionage is best carried out when the people of a nation have been lulled into a state of lethargy.
    Lest we forget, “the choice is up to each individual, as the signs of impending big problems in the future cannot be dismissed no matter how far in ground someone wants to bury the truth.”

  3. ” . . . Rather than wait for government to act, a shelter popped up overnight at Celtic Media Center and it was quickly staffed and stocked by the generosity of church members and other volunteers. A civilian band of boat-based heroes known as the Cajun Navy bravely set off to plow through murky waters to search for life anywhere they could find it. Law enforcement and first responders still reeling from the stressful and gut-wrenching murders of their fellow officers worked overtime in dangerous conditions to protect property and save untold lives. People in large numbers across south Louisiana continue to help friend and stranger alike to gut their homes, repair their businesses, find new housing and feed and clothe their families.”

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