Look Out, Louisiana – Storm forming in the Gulf

Washington PostHurricane Watch issued along Florida Gulf Coast

This is a new one.

USA Today – Tropical depression forms near Carolinas; other system threatens Gulf Coast

The AdvocateTropical depression 9: See forecast track, current location, latest info

arrowDOWNThis track is just the CONE — the storm is much WIDER:


MORE here later.

Get LIVE info, radar images and evacuation info from WAFB.com + News links on the sidebar –


42 thoughts on “Look Out, Louisiana – Storm forming in the Gulf

    Just added to the earlier post on ‘Was the Flood Natural’ this very good video.
    (start at 5:15 mark)

    • That Great Flood Of Louisiana in 2016 are you saying that big wall they made to stop New Orleans from flooding it rerouted water away from New Orleans and made it flood somewhere besides New Orleans
      The water had no-where to go but to backup.

      • N.O. has a very sophisticated pump out system.
        No … not any N.O. system at fault. International power stations contributing to deliberate water vapor release to cause the super storm as seen in the convincing video.

  2. FC asked me to post letting everyone know WordPress will not let her update her blog. You can find the status of the blockade here: wordpressstinks.blogspot[dotkom]

  3. There was an earthquake in
    M4.7 – 38km S of General Enrique Mosconi, Argentina
    2016-09-05 23:23:57 UTC
    537.6 km depth

    Look at this one it show that quake
    This earthquake recorder is not near to the sinkhole but in Louisiana look at it.
    143B HHZ N4 — : Socs Landing, Pioneer, LA, USA

    I wish they would turn on the earthquake recorder for Bayou Corne, LA at the sinkhole back on.

  4. This is the top of that salt dome

    Blue Ribbon Commission Initial Technical Briefing
    April 5, 2013 Figure 16
    Napoleonville Salt Dome Caverns and top of salt

    Dispersive thermohaline convection near salt domes: a case at Napoleonville Dome, southeast Louisiana, USA
    Hydrogeology Journal news
    August 2015, Volume 23, Issue 5, pp 983–998

    This was in 2012
    windmill parts flying off ?

    Driving down Windrock Mountain
    Video begins at Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm and descends down Windrock to the main parking area of Coal Creek OHV. The total descent is approximately 4 miles; 2 on dirt, and 2 on asphalt.
    This is coal county in Tennessee

      • That Video is about Mountain Top Removal in Hazard western Kentucky

        Just think if that overburden rock was moved to Louisiana sinkhole and fill to fifteen feet above sea level
        This Appalachian mountains used to be as high as the Himalayas

  6. Why does this area show up so clearly on earthquake recorders in Louisiana and Arkansas recorders when they have an earthquake there ?

    M5.4 – 12km NNE of La Paz Centro, Nicaragua
    It not deep in ground at 10.0 km depth
    Date 09/15 /2016 time 05:57:24 UTC

    Arkansas recorder time 6:02 UTC
    X601 HHZ NM 00 : Temporary, AR

    Louisiana recorder sinkhole time 6:01 UTC
    LA17 HHZ YC 02 : Bayou Corne Well 3, 185m, LA

  7. This is for you flyingcuttlefish.
    Wyoming / Yellowstone hit by large FRACKING EQ —
    21,186 views ””https://m.youtube.com/user/dutchsinse/videos

  8. SC, NC, GA face gas shortages, price hikes after pipeline leak.
    Experts say that any spike in service-station prices will be felt most in the Southeast and should only be temporary.
    Colonial Pipeline Co. doesn’t expect to fully reopen its primary gasoline pipeline, which has spilled more than 250,000 gallons near Birmingham, until next week. The pipeline is used to send gasoline from refineries on the Texas Gulf coast to states in the Southeast and along the East Coast….Colonial said that supply disruptions would be felt first in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.
    Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency.
    A leak has caused the closure of a crucial pipeline that carries gasoline to the eastern United States, a disruption that threatens to drive up prices and leave service stations without fuel to sell.
    A section of the Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Houston to New York, has been closed since Sept. 9 after a spill of roughly 250,000 gallons was discovered in rural Shelby County, Ala.

  9. I went to that Norris dam celebrate this summer, boy was it hot that day the Norris dam is now 80 years old.

    People came from all over the US to celebrate Norris dam birthday

    I like this video of Norris dam
    In Video they got the flood gates open and spilling water

    The story don’t end there down the river from Norris dam is where they build Oak Ridge.
    The Manhattan Project 1/5

    Secret Cities of the Atomic Bomb-Documentary-Part.1 of 3

  10. Someone ask me what is the rate of sea level rise in Louisiana ?
    I could not answer that
    I have to answer them this way just how much is the ground under Bayou Corne or Assumption Parish subsidence ever year ?

    Yes Louisiana is sliding into sea very slowly

    Louisiana Loses Its Boot
    The boot-shaped state isn’t shaped like a boot anymore.
    View story at Medium.com

    South Louisiana Is Sliding Into the Sea, Study Says

    Study: La. slowly slipping into gulf

    San Joaquin Valley, California from 1925 to 1977 subsidence
    Land Subsidence

  11. Someone ask me what is the rate of sea level rise in Louisiana ?
    I could not answer that
    I have to answer them this way just how much is the ground under Bayou Corne or Assumption Parish subsidence ever year ?

    Yes Louisiana is sliding into sea very slowly

    Louisiana Loses Its Boot
    The boot-shaped state isn’t shaped like a boot anymore.
    View story at Medium.com

    San Joaquin Valley, California from 1925 to 1977 subsidence
    Land Subsidence

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