News Mix

About Lake Peigneur

Gas storage company donates Lake Peigneur property

“Jefferson Island Storage & Hub this week announced a deal worked out with the Save Lake Peigneur citizens group to donate 23 acres of property near the lake for use as a possible environmental education area.”

The AdvocateFilm recalls Katrina’s ‘Cajun Navy’: Heroic, unselfish despite orders to turn away
By Patricia Gannon

The Advocate‘Shelter at Home’ program seen as key to Louisiana recovery; New York version drew criticism

” . . . .”Shelter At Home” was unveiled this week as a key component of the state’s plan for addressing the needs of thousands of flood victims who have been displaced from their homes, while also lessening the burden on an already squeezed housing market. The idea is to get homes into a habitable state, so people can live there while they make more permanent repairs on their own dime.

The state and federal partnership will be the first time that such a program has been used in Louisiana – though a similar effort faced mixed reviews when it was used in New York following Superstorm Sandy and faced criticism over questionable repair quality.”

More will go here later.
There is also recent news and some articles on the flood in the COMMENTS in earlier posts – F.C.


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