Is State Board of Commerce & Industry defying governor’s executive order curbing runaway industrial tax exemptions?


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Louisiana Voice

Less than three months ago, on June 24, Gov. John Bel Edwards signed an executive order in which he mandated more scrutiny over how significant industrial property tax breaks are doled out to manufacturers.

Theoretically, the order gave local governments that would lose out on property taxes a say in approving exemptions for heavy industry, and companies applying for five-year renewals of five-year tax breaks totaling $11 billion would be required to prove the breaks would create and/or retain jobs.

But the Commerce and Industry Board may be trying an end run around Edwards’ order.

The board waited until late Friday afternoon (one of Bobby Jindal’s favorite tactics of making announcements as the week’s news cycle winds down) to give public notice of a Monday board meeting during which it is scheduled to vote on redirecting millions in local property tax revenue from disaster-affected parishes to corporate tax exemptions, without any…

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13 thoughts on “Is State Board of Commerce & Industry defying governor’s executive order curbing runaway industrial tax exemptions?

  1. I was looking at the Containment Levee road around the sinkhole

    Feb. 2016 Sinkhole Survey
    That dotted yellow line around the sinkhole is dated 03/02/16
    Approximate Area of -10.0’ contour 33.8 Acres
    Approximate subsidence area = 25.2+ acres
    Total area = 59.0+ acres
    That flyover photo of that sinkhole was taken in 2015
    If you look at the lines on this flyover photo you will see two places that are subsidence not one, the lines are in blue.
    One of them is -171 feet and the other is at -61.7 feet at deepest place
    Where did I get this from

  2. Fire in Ship Basin in middle of Gulf. Not Permex unless was on fire a long time. Any rig fires known?
    Latitude: 27.295
    Longitude: -90.972
    Detection Date: 24 Sep 2016
    Detection Time: 04:25 UTC
    Confidence: 100
    Sensor: Terra MODIS
    Source: GSFC

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