Tech Issues

There is LOTS of news!

But we cannot report due to our computer breaking down.

The problem will be fixed in a few days so please USE THE RIGHT SIDEBAR for news and updates. It has weather and river stages links too.


2 thoughts on “Tech Issues

  1. Watch these videos in order from top to bottom.  Short videos from 2 to 3 minutes each.  The videos build your knowledge as you go from one video to the next.  The temperature has changed drastically in Burlington, Vermont!  This is what happens now that we have geoengineered weather.  We now have super quick temperature changes from Summer to Winter and visa versa.
    Watch “Odd Water Vapor Anomaly” on YouTube

    Watch “Weather Warfare Mass WV Plume Shot off Bermuda” on YouTube

    Watch “Bermuda: Direct Hit From #HurricaneNicole Expected CAT 2” on YouTube

    Intellicast – Hurricane Nicole Current Track in United States

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