Watts Bar ‘New’ Reactor Blows After Just 4 Days


15 thoughts on “Watts Bar ‘New’ Reactor Blows After Just 4 Days

      • Speaking of speed the NRC is going to allow the utility to supervise whether reactor operators are drunk or high or whatever other illicit substances… While we die, the rich will be en route to Mars while eating black mold (the only thing which can grow in high outerspace rad) and locked up with other rich people who have gone mad from the rad, like Sartre’s No Exit.

      • and they have their doomsday bunkers and sci-fi robot bodies …. wack-os!
        I truly don’t understand the passivity of the public while these outrages are committed on them!

      • that wouldn’t surprise me a bit …
        poison everyone faster!
        They make double the money with their nuke medicine hi-tech machines when the locals show up with cancers. x 2 for the kiddies.

  1. More trouble for the Colonial Pipeline, which leaked 6,000-8,000 barrels of fuel during the second week of September. The leak sounds worse when you realize 1 barrel=42 gallons. I remember sending the original story in Flyingcuttlefish. I did a search of “colonial pipeline” so that I could add this article to the thread. I didn’t find a result.
    Alabama gasoline line shut after fire, several seriously injured.

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