Alabama Pipeline Explosion

Largest U.S. Fuel Pipeline Shuts After Work Crew Triggers Blast

The biggest fuel pipeline in the U.S. shut its mainlines Monday after an explosion and fire in Alabama that killed at least one person. Gasoline futures surged and U.S. refiner stocks gained.
Colonial Pipeline Co., which carries refined products to New York Harbor from Houston, shut the lines for the second time in two months. A contract crew working miles from the site of a Sept. 9 spill ran into the pipeline with a trackhoe, igniting gasoline and causing a fire . . . “

OPINION: Oct. 28 headline – Exxon reveals it may lose reserves; Earnings fall to five-year low
… then Oct. 31 the guy ‘back up into a pipeline’ sending prices higher ….


18 thoughts on “Alabama Pipeline Explosion

      • I think it has to be studied by the government. I forget which one – I think the one that makes the really good videos and studies. There was some good info on the leak I just didn’t have time to report. I continued reporting of drunk, high and drugged up nuclear workers is important and I let it slip.

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