Donald Trump and America’s wetland
President Trump, who says he wants to address our deplorable infrastructure, could start with saving our coastal infrastructure, which aids both the environment and our energy economies.

Five previous presidents came into office with little knowledge that one of the nation’s biggest environmental disasters was awaiting their action at the mouth of the Mississippi River. As each in turn would learn, the continued loss of coastal Louisiana to erosion and encroaching tides could easily mean disaster for the U.S. economy. Soon President-elect Trump will come face-to-face with this issue, and time will tell if he will try to wait out the consequences as some others have done, or embrace the issue as part of his advocacy to restore America’s crumbling infrastructure. . . .

(11-11) Texas takes it slower than Oklahoma on quakesProposal to increase disposal well oversight ended up being dropped

An earthquake that rocked the nation’s oil storage hub at Cushing, Okla., a week ago has pushed Oklahoma regulators to shut more of the wells used to dispose of wastewater from drilling, which scientists have tied to increased seismic activity in areas near oil and gas fields.

Texas, however, is moving more slowly to regulate the disposal of drilling wastewater, which is produced by the millions of gallons in hydraulic fracturing operations and pumped into deep wells. . . .


Bright meteor explodes over the Gulf of Mexico


41 thoughts on “News

  1. Fountains of the Great Deep
    If so then oil could form very deep in the earth

    Huge Underground Reservoir Holds Three Times as Much Water as Earth’s Oceans

    Earth’s oldest body of water found beneath Canada contains more than all of the world’s rivers, swamps and lakes put together

  2. US Army engineers has a proud history of infrastructure work in the USA. I think it would be a smart move to put them in charge of the rebuild . By refocusing from overseas bases and bombs to domestic projects they would maintain their budgets which would make the MIC happy. It would also create untold civilian jobs and under strict budget control would be cost effective, if reallocation of budgets away from NATO, Okinawa etc were considered. Just a thought ,

  3. That ice wall that failed at the Fukushima reactors site

    I said a long time a-go
    People from Energy News web site said it would never work they wanted an ice wall

    horizontal drilling on hillside to redirect water from going under building
    Horizontal drains are used to lower the groundwater levels in a hillside
    That way a lot of that ground water coming from hillside won’t go under the building

    • I think the whole idea is to fail big time and poison USA as revenge for WWII. Not aloe in that thinking.
      The whole point of Abe/TEPCO actions seems to point this way.

  4. They have clamp the led down tight on anyone seeing what going on at that sinkhole
    Have they lost pressure in those other caverns ?

    • Could be that weather modification systems have been ratcheted up. I’ve seen a somewhat blurry video of fireball shooting across the sky just after the Japanese M7.X earthquake. At least one person that saw the fireball said it looked like a missle. During the recent M7.X quake to hit New Zealand a video showing the Amazon Warrior Seismic ship–similar to the thumper trucks of Bayou Corne–over the earthquakes epicenter, under the sea. Now we have this rare hurricane coinciding with an earthquake in the region. Seems pretty fishy to me!

      • yes everything fishy.
        I think some of these strange lights are earthquake lights ….
        but who knows. They have all these space weapons too.

      • I learned of this event from a dahboo7 video. I did some research to find other sources to verify the video’s authenticity.
        New Zealand’s earthquake was so intense, it lifted the sea bed 2 metres above ground.
        Excerpt: The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that tore through New Zealand on Monday was so powerful, it dragged the sea floor 2 metres above the ground, causing it to explode though the sand and reveal its strange, lumpy exterior.

      • The earlier one in NZ tht hit Christchurch is suspect too according o Leuren Moret.
        Here’s a batch of vids on that (2011) so I guess many are asking the same thing.

      • Oh no, I made a mistake. The video about the New Zealand sea floor rise was from BPearthwatch not Dahboo7. The seafloor rose and the tidle line has permanently moved farther out into the ocean–more beach.

      • I watched this whole thing again thinking this was where she talked about NZ … but it is general discussion of HAARP etc. ….. no NZ.

      • about this “storm” in Melbourne –
        Leuren Moret says this,
        “I think those are EMF/frequency caused diseases – every disease has an off-frequency signal that is unique to that disease. They can now transmit a disease frequency they dial up like an ap, and point it at the target – and they suddenly develop the disease of the frequency they were targeted with. People in New Zealand had “earthquake vertigo” from the HAARP attack that caused the latest earthquake. I talked to office workers in Malaysia after I gave my talk at a conference, and they told me the same thing happened in their offices in Kuala Lumpur for a week right before the Sumatra earthquake.

        They are making up all these diseases that cover the weapons aftereffects, so that they have a cover story. People swallow the bait completely. The Malaysian office workers also told me that the younger male office workers were very effeminate and they asked me if it was from the DU in AU, India, Pakistan, AFghan, Iraq, Iran from the US wars. I said “yes”.”

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