Louisiana Shares Texas’ Abandon Well Problem

Texas TribuneAbandoned Texas oil wells seen as “ticking time bombs” of contamination

” . . . Amid a recent oil market crash that followed years of frenzied drilling, Texas is among several states — including Louisiana and Oklahoma — grappling with a surge of abandoned drilling sites and dwindling funds to clean them up.

” . . . Not every abandoned well threatens groundwater. But in some oilfields, they “can be ticking time bombs,” said Ronald Green, a hydrologist at the Southwest Research Institute, a private research organization in San Antonio. And as boom-and-bust cycles continue across Texas drilling fields, walling off water sources from potential contamination will only get harder.


28 thoughts on “Louisiana Shares Texas’ Abandon Well Problem

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  1. I had screwed up the date on the technetium, but if the nuclear advocates can turn in 10 months late I think everyone else should be able to a few days late. Since the 100 mSv yearly is still an open issue I wonder if people should start writing in again.

  2. Looks like the Pecos ranchers created much of the problems outlined in this article! No one mentions the tampering that went on to get at the well to convert it to water, yet we can assume that if the well was plugged it had to be drilled to make it flow again.

    Ranchers and cattle should be given more scrutiny for the effects the activities have on the land. At our oilfield research station, cattle quickly remove any pine and oak tree saplings that appear on the land. The cycle stops any opportunity abandoned oil field land would have to regenerate native forest lands.

    Currently, we have begun installing barb wire fencing around our lands exposed to cattle grazing to stop the sapling kill cycle.

    As always, if you are looking for the latest photos and stories from our Louisiana Conservation team then go check out @rgathright on Twitter.

    • Thanks for the extra info!
      This blog gets wide readership .

      As for Louisiana – everyone needs to bring fur back into fashion – nutria fur!
      Those imported critters are doing the same to coastal wetlands and trappers can help a lot if they can sell the fur (as good as mink in many aspects).

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