New Madrid Shakes MO and West VA



RSOE REPORTS – all shallow quakes


24 thoughts on “New Madrid Shakes MO and West VA

    • “residents who lost their homes to a vast sinkhole created by a misguided effort to store pollutants in an underground salt dome.”
      Is certainly a mention, but not really factual.
      The NORM in the cavern was ‘disposed’, and the bore was sealed. Oxy 3 was abandoned.
      Not really vast, either.
      The primary danger to the Bayou Corne community was methane concentrations, and not their homes being swallowed by a sinkhole.
      Still, it’s good to see that the whole thing hasn’t been completely forgotten.

      First time poster; I’ve been reading this blog since August 12th or so, a week after the ‘slough hole’ appeared.

      • OK.
        NORM may not be in big concentrations in Bayou Corne. I am not sure what all is down there.

        And remember DOW has that waste stored not so far away …

        AND … newer readers may be interested in this:
        (may not be related to Bayou Corne) on the right sidebar in “NUKE” topic there are links to the old underground atomic tests in Miss. (dirt was taken away for storage later).

      • There is no reply button under your post on my screen…
        So, I’ll try this.

        Yes, the NORM that was dumped into Oxy 3 was routine; TB got permission from the state, IIRC the discussion here .
        Out of sight, out of mind.
        Dow is interesting… on the thread you linked, the discussion included a reference to Dow removing internet information they didn’t like.
        One of those things was an oblique view of the entire Napoleonville Salt Dome, showing all the caverns in shape and size. The view was from the west, looking east.
        Dow 18 was huge, huge. I remember looking at the sheet with all the caverns listed, their status and size shown in columns of data.
        That isometric view is one of those things that they removed, I think. I spent quite some time looking on Google images, with various search terms. Never found it.
        I also spent a lot of time in the archives here, and couldn’t find the original image.
        Do you have a copy of it archived?
        I’d love to see that again.

        On another point, the monitoring with the helicorders are down to one (?) station, with the gain set so there is little information. Is that correct?
        There have been no new overflights for quite a while, and no news in general about the sinkhole, nor about Oxy 2 or Oxy 1.
        Is TB selling those houses, now that the ‘danger’ has passed?
        Thanks for this blog, CF; you have performed a service for me and, I’m sure, many other lurkers over the years.

      • yes, it is a big, big problem having no helicorders working!
        That is partly why there are fewer posts on this blog…. hard to find any status information!

        Around 2000 when you looked up “DOW” on a search engine the first 50 items would be on napalm or on agent orange. That all has been scrubbed in recent years and now it is nearly impossible t find DOW is a leading maker of chemical weapons (many colors besides orange too). Even the many articles on the topic have been scrubbed by G00gle.

        I agree with Walter that a second sinkhole may be forming in Bayou Corne and am keeping an eye on it.

  1. Republican Congress going after tiniest advances in clean air. They are trying to overturn a rule saying that NEW wood heaters should be of a better standard! I ran across this looking for their attempt to undermine the rule that says they have to report what they pay foreign countries for oil, etc. That is an easy rule to implement at the store level and over the course of five years. Some countries require chimney inspections on a routine basis.

  2. There is still radiation at the Salmon site, but they dumped it off on the State of Mississippi. Trees had some tritium. There was a hearing in the 90s about Lockheed Martin as contractor for Oak Ridge illegally burying or burning radioactive and other hazardous waste at around 90 sites throughout the country. I think this included the Rollins facility in Baton Rouge. Edwin Edwards’s old law firm and himself seemed to be protecting Rollins against the LA DEQ when they were doing illegal burning without even filtering it (according to the Smoke School blog spot). I still don’t understand why Edwards would be ok with burning dangerous waste in Baton Rouge. Rollins was predominantly black N. BR and I think Edwards was south BR, but winds whip in different directions. If only I had time and energy to cover that old case. I think that the Salmon site is in the Tatum salt dome. They were a very important family to area (especially Hattiesburg) – maybe still are – and made their money in the lumber business.

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