Power Outage in Area Around Waterford Nuke Plant – Rough Weather

Here’s the map of the power outage area.

They had tornadoes and high winds around the New Orleans area –

WAFB – Relief effort underway in multiple parishes after tornado touchdowns

Assumption Parish didn’t get hit with a twister.



12 thoughts on “Power Outage in Area Around Waterford Nuke Plant – Rough Weather

  1. Did you hear what Kart Racer said about the tornadoes on the Mike Morales channel? Kart Racer is the weather warfare guy. He said more videos will follow on these tornadoes.

    • What your local weather person won’t tell you about geoenginering tornadoes. Kart Racer analyses the atmospheric conditions surrounding the tornado outbreak.
      Watch “Tornado Out Beak Caught on Tape” on YouTube

  2. more on the hearing –

    For those who missed it Mary Landrieu took at least $14,000 from Energy Transfer Partners which is doing both DAPL and Bayou Bridge: https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/pacgot.php?cycle=2014&cmte=C00438754
    Where there are Landrieus there are big construction projects – Father Moon and Brother Mitch in NOLA. When Moon was there Carlos Marcello was still alive. When Moon was on the City Council another Councilman accused him of mafia ties due to his law firm representing a Metairie slot machine co. Mitch claims he is part Italian. An environmentalist opposing a highway through swamp near Lafayette got accidentally run over by a construction dump truck … lawyer opposing NOLA casino committed suicide with a shotgun while out jogging.

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