Thinking About Dams << UPDATE! Calif. Dam has FAILED

In the previous post COMMENTS we were talking about the big dam fail in California.

From Mining Awareness

FICTION “The Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for most dams in the U.S.”

FACT State dam safety programs have oversight of most dams in the United States. State agencies regulate more than 80% of the Nation’s dams.

FICTION “Dams are like roads and bridges. The government takes care of them.”

FACT –  Most dams are privately owned. Dam owners are responsible for maintenance and upgrades. Private dam owners are responsible for more than 65% of the Nation’s dams. Many lack the financial resources necessary for adequate dam maintenance.

FICTION –  “There are only a few dams in my State.”

FACT –  There are more than 84,000 dams in the United States (as of 2010). Most States are home to hundreds—or thousands—of dams, and each must meet regulatory criteria. • Texas has the most dams—more than 7,000—followed by Kansas (6,087), Missouri (5,099), Oklahoma (4,755), and Georgia (4,606). • Mississippi, North Carolina, and Iowa each have more than 3,000 dams. • Five States—Alabama, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, and South Dakota—each have more than 2,000 dams. • Fifteen other States have more than 1,000 dams each. • Delaware has the fewest number of dams, with 86.

FICTION “That dam has been here for years—it’s not going anywhere.”

FACT –  Advancing age can make dams more susceptible to failure. The average age of dams in the United States is more than 53 years. As dams get older, deterioration increases and repair costs rise. Some common problems of older dams are: • Deteriorating metal pipes and structural components; metal rusts over time, and after 50 years it can fail completely. • Sediment-filled reservoirs. Some sediment may have contaminants from chemicals in runoff from upstream. • Runoff from subdivisions and businesses built upstream. Roofs and concrete streets and sidewalks increase the volume of runoff to the reservoir.

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Evacuations ordered below Oroville Dam; failure of emergency spillway ‘expected’





62 thoughts on “Thinking About Dams << UPDATE! Calif. Dam has FAILED

      • This talk a lot about that Emergency Spillway

        Oroville Dam – Water Over Flows Into Emergency Spillway
        This video goes on and on.

        They’re going to be a lot of gold going into the Sacramento river from that

      • maybe with recent wet weather they are afraid the emergency spillway will fail (soggy ground) … but I have no idea.
        What a mess …plus I bet it will cost more to fix than they say.

      • got this comment –
        “When the dam was built, it didn’t have rebar reinforcement. That’s why it broke, and why they had to evacuate the fish hatchery.”

      • The emergency spillway they have never used tell Saturday 11, 2017
        Oroville Dam Spillway – 02/11/2017

  1. I read that it was an earthen dam. It’s hard to fathom why they would make such a big earthen dam though.

    Some readers from west Louisiana could still drive to this hearing in west Texas on Wednesday, though they would probably need to spend the night on the way back:

      • I know.
        But I bet the whole thing isn’t 100%.
        They goofed up not telling people earlier to get ready at least to leave.
        These water guys should know the threat of water upstream, snow melt rate and rain forecast. All those things known.

      • the Los Angeles Times has good reporting but their website is so full of pop-up ads it is unreadable!
        The local paper is better….
        “If the emergency spillway structure — a concrete lip on the north side of the dam — were undercut by the enlarging chasm, it could fail, and the water behind that barrier would come down the hill uncontrollably into the diversion pool and down the Feather River, setting the stage for the possibility of massive flooding into Oroville and communities farther south, officials said.”

  2. Watch this video it backwards right handed is left handed in video
    LIVE STREAM: Oroville Dam Spillway Imminent Failure Live Coverage – earlier footage

    The dam is on right hand side, the concrete spillway is in middle of photo, the emergency spillway is on left hand side

  3. Lake Oroville spillway flooding and that concrete spillway

    There not much time left that concrete spillway not going to hold up and there more rain on it way
    They need to spill as much water from that dam as they can they need to get it below the concrete spillway

    This is Fontana Dam spillway and this is how they release a large amount of water from dam, this dam is 480 feet high
    TVA Fontana Dam spillway & release gates

    Fontana Dam in July 5, 2013 they had a lot of rain that year they had too much water in dam they had to start spilling from dam
    Spillway Water Release July 5, 2013

  4. A freight train derailed in the Sacramento Valley Friday, sending 22 cars full of food tumbling into the Cosumnes River, authorities said.
    The train derailed before 1 p.m. as it passed over an inlet near Highway 99 and Dillard Road south of Elk Grove, said Cosumnes Fire Department Battalion Chief Kris Hubbard.

    Three people were onboard and no one was injured, he said. –

    NOTE – added a maps link to the post –

  5. Pingback: Orovilles Dam’s Dirty Secret – The Operators of the Dam are Also the Inspectors of the Dam | flying cuttlefish picayune

    • This video was taken on Feb. 12, 2017 video there was red muddy water coming from the base of the dam on Feb 13, 2017
      There was red muddy water from the Emergency Spillway
      The steel power lines are on the left hand site of that concrete Spillway have they been wash away no photo of it after Feb 13, 2017

      • What it like to have a slow moving wall of water coming at you
        Some of this people did not get to high ground in time in this video
        Catastrophic TSUNAMI in Minamisanriku – Complete Edition 2011

      • The cars will cause gridlick stopping everything. That’s when cars don’t clear the intersection on the green light and the other cars cannot cross when it’s their turn.
        It happened in NYC during the transit strike at rush hour. I was on a bike and the rode up the side of all those cars at a dead standstill going home from work.

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