Delta Dispatches blog – Do levees alone provide enough flood protection? No, they do not.

CPRA Awards E & D Contracts for Deepwater Horizon NRDA Restoration Projects [PDF]

Something has gone massively wrong at that dam in California


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  1. What the weather like for Oroville CA

    LIVE 3-4-17 EVACUATION ORDER NOT LIFTED – Oroville Dam reservoir spillway LAKE

    What are they saying Power Plant Shut Down
    Power Plant Shut Down | Riverbanks Collapse | Lake Oroville Dam | Update 3-4-2017
    All the dams above Oroville dam are full they need to get that Power Plant running

    • a bunch on the FC blog. They need full EVACUATION now! Including Sacramento. They will all die in a traffic jam if they wait for the foundation to fail or the snow to melt too fast …

    • You are right Walter. Girls are most at risk for radiation induced cancer, except one type of leukemia. I don’t know why for girls – maybe they are smaller. Women are more at risk of radiation induced cancer than men, too. US gov funded BEIR report says so.

      • I think they did everything they could to cover up poisoning everyone around these facilities constantly with scheduled pollution releases as well as accidental releases.
        They just claim cancers are from family heritage and not from radiation.
        DoE does this nation-wide.

      • Thank you Walter. I’m so sorry about how they treated you and the other good people there. It’s a wonder that anyone is still alive and important to keep the memory of what happened alive. I think all of that radioactive iodine is what has made many people fat too because of the thyroid damage. That is a good factsheet.

      • It won’t let me reply again to Walter. Walter, are you saying that this article from the CDC is a water-down too because they say 560 curies whereas you got 4,000 curies? I was still reading it when I answered and, in fact, still reading.

      • Oak Ridge Health Studies
        4,000 curies is what was releases into the air from that accident in 5 hour time frame

        They did a lot to change those report ever what way the wind was blowing
        You had to drink the milk no one got it into their lungs

        There was some nuclear weapons tests that fallout fell in Oak Ridge TN at that time
        In 1953 they had Dirty Harry nuclear test and that one on March 1, 1954, at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands,

      • They are so horrible. It’s good that you see and call them on their lies. I wonder who taught them to lie so, Hitler? They brought in a lot of old Nazis to work in that.

      • I don’t know what they are up to. Maybe a stock market scam. Russia and OPEC made an agreement to reduce output so prices would go up but Exxon increasing output may make it go back down.
        But, then, more and more people from India and China want cars. With all the overpopulation they may use the energy.

        If you see who is making the pipes for the Bayou Bridge please let me know.

  2. Fire, explosion at Syncrude plant north of Fort McMurray
    One person taken to hospital in serious but stable condition, Alberta Health Services says
    Posted: Mar 14, 2017 updated Mar 15, 2017

    History of the petroleum industry in Canada (oil sands and heavy oil)
    The only way to develop petroleum resources underground is through in situ production techniques.
    refers to recovery techniques which apply heat or solvents to oil reservoirs beneath the earth.

  3. The spring rains that are coming
    Well they be a lot of it this year or very little rain this year ?

    I found this old Documentary film of the Tennessee river that goes into the Ohio river from there into the Mississippi
    This year with the spring rains coming can the Tennessee and Kentucky hold back all that water going into Mississippi river

    O yes the Cumberland River in Tennessee that goes to the Ohio River in Kentucky

    The Tennessee river that goes into the Ohio River in Kentucky

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