Infrastructure Issue and the Sinkhole Saga + News

We are  covering a dam about-to-fail story in California on the FC blog. There have been many stories in the news since about the problems looming nationwide from aged, crumbling infrastructure.
One thing there popping up is info on weathered rock being more brittle than deep, protected rock.

We wonder if these salt dome storage caverns’ age has anything to do with their integrity.

We also wonder why inexpensive camera drones aren’t used for flying over Lake FUBAR to inspect it.


The Advocate Across Louisiana, crumbling infrastructure threatens small town water supplies

The Advocate is focusing on water issues –


This sounds not-too-smart –

Drill baby drill: Japanese scientists hope to reach the Earth’s mantle in massive borehole project


37 thoughts on “Infrastructure Issue and the Sinkhole Saga + News

  1. Norris dam is 81 years old they already did repair work like there doing at Boone Dam

    Norris Dam is an concrete gravity-type dam 265 feet high and stretches 1,860 feet across the Clinch River.
    Part 1 to 4 videos
    Part one talks about the repair work they did at Norris dam

    TVA outlines Boone Dam repair plan
    This dam was built in the 50’s
    Boone Dam is an concrete gravity-type dam 160 feet high and 1,532 feet long, the main section of the dam is a concrete structure, the northern half of the dam consists of a 750-foot (230 m) earth-and-fill structure that seals off the floodplain adjacent to the main river channel.

    Threats found in major dams in Tennessee

    I was reading about a dam it concrete foundation had moved on one side of the dam

    • I wonder with big changes at EPA right now under new administartion if there will be a lot looser rules for brine injection along with everything else.

      If you see anything about it, please post here.

      • My understanding was always that Trump planned to shut down the EPA. I’m not sure if it’s better to make people think they are protected by only reducing some of the toxins or for people to know they aren’t protected. I guess any reduction is better for the environment but I hate the tricks EPA plays and Fed workers make so much more than most other workers. The Koch twins who hated each other in the past have found commons cause visiting Trump at Mar-a-lago or are spying on each other. One is a member. I was trying to figure out if they were there during the Syria attack but no one knows since there was a media black out there.

      • on radio (I forget who) they were talking about US president playing golf because there’s big nuke bunkers under golf courses they play at.
        So Trump in Fla. is to be near his luxury bunker.
        If he goes golfing go to the basement(!).
        Today is the big N. Korea festival day.

      • I think there are 3 bunkers. Maybe that white thing is an above ground bunker. But, DC has bunkers and I believe Trump tower is an above ground bunker. I think he is there for secrecy. NYC, DC, and Mar-a-Lago are near Nuclear Power Stations. Oh, great, Jesus crucified, passover AND their festival?

      • Florida coastal rich estates were all about rum smuggling and had old tunnels too … for boats from Cuba.
        Kennedy estate has a tunnel (fake wall) shows in photos.

      • That Kennedy compound wall came up during that rape trial when there were ots of photos of that estate…

      • I wish that both Trump and Putin would both be sent to Trump’s mother island – Isle of Lewis- without airplane, permanently. I am fed up with supervising them. They are both Swedish vikings, I think, so it’s almost right geographically. Isle of Lewis used to be viking.

  2. Oh, wow, good excuse to watch a movie! I only recently learned about the Salem underground tunnels to avoid taxation and that the underground railroad was, at least in part, a real railroad!

  3. New Orleans Times-Picayune – That sinking feeling: Why Louisiana’s coastal crisis is the worst in the U.S.

    “Louisiana is winning the race to the bottom of the sea.
    No other part of the coastal United States is sinking as fast as Louisiana, according to an updated assessment of sea level rise by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The state’s coast is going under at a rate of about an inch every three years — almost three feet over a century. . . “

      • what a thing!
        In Hawaii, Kona there’s not much soil and people steal sod lawns at night.

      • This is very interesting and timely as a beautiful area of Michigan’s protected dunes was sold to fracking’s king, Aubrey McClendon. It’s near Saugatuck on Lake Michigan. Now that he is supposedly dead, the land has been sold to a developer who is planning a multi home development as well as a private marina to be built on this amazing lakeside dune area. From what I understand, sand is going to be sold to make way for the marina and homes. The process of fracking utilizes tons and tons of sand. Is this the future of Michigan’s beaches? A hearing is going to be held at Saugatuck Hugh School next Wednesday evening regarding the proposed development. Anyone from the Chicago area may be interested in attending as many summer homes are owned by folks in Chicago.

      • oh h*ll! That’s what they did up in Traverse City when they opened the bluffs up to ‘developers’ who wrecked the woodlands and orchards and build crappy suburbs. The Dunes was a protected area.
        Now I am pissed off. Very pretty area …
        visit, before they wreck it ….

      • You’re right, protected dunes… exactly what happened in TC. It is shocking how sand is the new gold. Maybe we all need to get to beaches as much as we can now before they are gone, due to multiple reasons…

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