Construction Equipment –

“No national or government agency tracks how many man-made sinkholes appear each year across the country. From early December through April, according to a review by The Associated Press of media coverage, 39 significant sinkholes related to failing infrastructure – a rate of about one every four days – struck across the country in places such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Hoboken, New Jersey, Sioux City, Iowa, and Seattle.”


They forget to mention giant collapsed salt domes like at Bayou Corne and WIPP.



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    • MA – I see lots happened since my blow out storm. Lots up on ENE News.
      Oh well.
      It could be mos. before I have decent internet here.
      The big tower blew over that had all the internet stuff and what remains is being shared by 2 big companes so it is on/off … plus overcrowded in bandwidth or whatever.
      But we have water so I cannot complain.
      Scary there for a few weeks.

      • I am so happy that you are ok and safe. Kind of surprised you didn’t get airlifted to your sibling’s home though. It looks like you are missing a lot but not really – no progress can be made right now on anything. Not sure of why I am bothering. I would love to discuss things with you though such as Kissinger. Just grateful you made it through.

      • I wanted to stay here because of my 2 loyal dogs. Plus wrecked house needs tarps etc. that I fashioned myself
        Sort of pioneer country here, but water and electric are restored.
        I know a lot happened, I just looked at ENE.
        I have too poor a conncetion (now) to see news … it may be better in a few days.
        I just got a computer…. mine got wrecked.

  2. If you couldn’t take your dogs then the only right thing was to stay. I guess they helped to protect you. I am happy you have electricity, water and now a computer.
    Trump’s new plan is to put everyone in the internet slow lane except big business and the rich. While you survived the biggest hurricane ever at least you don’t have to worry about hurricanes AND tornados AND freezing. So, in the long term probably was a good thing to stay – more eco too. I think more people need to use tarp roofs all of the time. One thing I missed and then when I saw it haven’t gotten it up is that Trump admin unofficially raised rad levels to 100 mSv for an emergency just by publishing a booklet implying it’s ok. The biggest news is that the Trump Russia deal involved a proposal for 45 nuclear reactors in the Middle East. But, even though you missed a lot what I was saying is it’s an ok time to miss because nothing much can be achieved right now.

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