Hurricane Risk Higher This Season

Worst Hurricane Season In A Decade Threatens Gulf Coast Production

“2017 could be an “above-normal” year for large hurricanes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a potential problem for Gulf Coast oil drillers and refiners.”

The Advocate
Report: Major figure in Katrina aftermath says no FEMA, NOAA leaders at start of hurricane season ‘should scare hell out of everybody’

“. . . Trump appointed former Alabama Emergency Management Agency Director Brock Long to lead FEMA in late April, but the Senate has not yet confirmed the selection, CNN reported. Trump has not appointed anyone to the NOAA position.”


13 thoughts on “Hurricane Risk Higher This Season

  1. U.S. Gulf Coast groups concerned as Trump picks BP lawyer to top DOJ post
    Posted:Wed, 07 Jun 2017 16:42:19 -0400 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s selection of Jeffrey Bossert Clark to be the Justice Department’s top environmental lawyer has raised concerns by Gulf coast environmental groups as he was the lawyer for international oil company BP Plc in the aftermath of the company’s 2010 drilling rig explosion.

    • Bright meteor explodes over the Gulf of Mexico turning night into day was that on Nov 23, 2016

      PIC METEOR Fireball over Florida!! – Hundreds Call Police in Panic! November 21, 2016

  2. The Synchronous Firefly Event in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park NC, TN
    They had it
    They had shuttle buses to and from Elkmont viewing area that a lot of people who came to see it

    All the Details You Need: 2017 Synchronous Elkmont Fireflies Event in the Smoky Mountains

    Firefly or lighting bugs are almost 100 percent efficient in making light
    An old light bulb were 10 percent light and the other 90 percent is given off as heat

    The research still goes on with lighting bugs

  3. D.C. Shootout – Rep. Scalise is Louisiana rep.

    Scalise, who has been in Congress since 2008, represents a district that includes some New Orleans suburbs and bayou parishes. Before entering Congress, he was a lawmaker in Louisiana for eight years. Scalise and his wife have two children and live in Jefferson, La.”

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