Sinkhole in St. Louis + NEWS

Zero Hedge“We Don’t Know What Happened” St. Louis Officials Clueless As Downtown Sinkhole Swallows Car

” ….. a sinkhole spontaneously appeared in the city’s downtown, swallowing a car that had been parked street side.

And even more concerning, city officials say they have no idea how it happened….”





70-year-old woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria while fishing off Alabama coast

“A 70-year-old woman lost parts of her hand and arm after contracting a flesh eating bacteria while fishing with her husband off of Alabama’s Gulf Coast last week.

The woman, whose name was withheld for privacy reasons, first became ill after she reached into a bucket of live shrimp bait and pricked the back of her hand. . . . “

Big methane release cause sinkhole in Russia –  –  MAP

There’s  more than one . . .  The Watchers New giant craters explode on Yamal Peninsula, Russia

June 28 – OregonSinkhole opens at Wickiup Reservoir, ground ‘highly unstable’


19 thoughts on “Sinkhole in St. Louis + NEWS

  1. Trump solution for US infrastructure is to have Saudis and Blackstone make more private. Blackstone is or has been connected to Kissinger, Kushners, Russia, and Amaya which in conjunction with Chabad Centre Montreal is being investigated for money laundering. Trumps have now 4 generations of Chabad ties going back to the Donald father…maybe more. Blackstone be efitted from Flint and supported Mitch Mcconnell.

    • 73-Year-Old Still Missing After Dozens Rescued From Cummins Falls State Park
      The water rose three feet within three minutes, creating a very dangerous situation for anyone in the area.

      At duck river TN
      Search Resumes For Missing Boy In Duck River
      Crews To Resume Search For Missing Boy In Duck River
      Search turns to recovery effort for 9-year-old boy swept away in Duck River

      • How dangerous is Cummins Falls State Park as far as I can tell this is a very young park the rocks near the water and in the water have algae growing on them slicker went wet
        Tennessee State Park Called ‘Really Dangerous’

        360 TOUR OF FALLS
        I say those rocks are slick with algae growing on them near the water a good way break your head falling on them

      • I think that flash flood came as a big surprise. Sometimes that can happen with the sun shining….

      • 10 waterfalls within an hour of Cookeville
        Cummins Falls – Cummins Falls State Park is 75’ feet high
        Fall Creek Falls is 256’ feet waterfall

        A Trip to Fall Creek Falls State Park – Spring 2010

        An update
        That Woman missing at Cummins Falls State Park they have not found her
        One of the searcher for that woman they found her body

        That 9-year-old boy swept away in Duck River they have found his body

        Those rock at Cummins Falls State Park are like a sheet of ice trying to walk on then it look like slate rock

  2. Louisiana and Dutch water institutes join forces

    Leaders of The Water Institute of the Gulf and Deltares were joined by Governor John Bel Edwards in announcing an agreement today to leverage their tools and applied research capabilities to create a powerful scientific collaboration that readily competes in the growing global market for managing water resources and adapting to rising seas and eroding coasts. . .

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