On Offshore Fracking in the Gulf of Mexico

While the spotlight was on offshore drilling, fracking quietly made its way into our oceans

” . . .  it has come to light that the oil industry is conducting offshore fracking in the Gulf, which is even more dangerous than conventional oil drilling, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.”

3 thoughts on “On Offshore Fracking in the Gulf of Mexico

  1. California –
    Air Watch Bay Area allows ‘refinery corridor’ residents great access to information [on air pollution ]

    ” A new air monitoring website and app launched this week which allows residents who live near refineries to access real-time information about what’s concentrated in their air, report odors or upload pictures of unusual emissions, and get specific information about chemicals and pollutants and their effects.

    The data will pan the “frontline” communities of Richmond, Crockett, Rodeo and Benicia, also known as the refinery corridor. This is the first time citizens can view activity as a whole all over the region, instead of going to each specific refinery or municipality.”

    To view the site and get the app, go to

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