Texas – Chemical Plant Timebomb

We have a lot of recent headlines and news about damaged chemical plants. plant explosions and fume plume releases on this post.

Now, it looks like the system just got a lot more serious –

Arkema –
Stricken Texas Chemical Plant Erupts in Flames Again

Arkema Texas Plant Explodes, “Black Smoke Fills The Air”

Dana Durnford has been reporting on the news censorship on his YouTube channel.

We will add new items here in comments.

Nuke plant watching in Texas is here.


19 thoughts on “Texas – Chemical Plant Timebomb

    • I’ve been thinking the same. There’s been no replies to emails and the area of her home appears to be total devastation. My prayers are with her and her family…

      • Her house survived another very bad and long-lasting hurricane where others didn’t. It is solid poured concrete and raised up so I believe that she will be ok but it will be hard just the same and she may be offline for awhile.

  1. I live 900 feet above sea level looking at Lookout Mountain in Tennessee when they had a lot of rain coming down

    NOVA Flood! – The Great Flood of 1993

  2. Thanks Walter. It’s crazy that it can flood like that up on the mountain! And, someone could slide right off! For flatter areas I think that people living on boats are barges may be onto something. Or, living on stilts in a house that can be a barge if the stilts wash away. It sounds like the Lake Okeechobee dam could fail in Florida.

  3. Yes, thank you Walter. You always have interesting videos. As serious as the flooding was, I don’t remember it. Thank you MA, for the update on FC. What a tragedy these storms have brought. Maybe we need to watch jump rope teams…

  4. If anyone still reads the comments, especially those who are in the St. Francisville/Baton Rouge area there is a petition to intervene deadline for River Bend Nuclear Power Station. If you are too afraid to do a petition to intervene everyone can still do the anonymous comments until the 23rd: https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/louisiana-nuclear-power-stations-dangerous-problems-with-thunderstorms-hurricane-should-serve-as-reminder-petition-to-intervene-deadline-oct-13th-comment-deadline-oct-23rd-relicensing-must-be/

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