Q: Is BP Oil Spill’s COREXIT Causing Horrific Red Tide in West Florida Now?

Sent in –

”  I’ve been curious about whether the Corexit from the BP spill could have had an impact on this disaster and look what just came up as I googled “Red Tides and Corexit”. I know the BP spill was a long time ago but maybe the Corexit is just making its way east.”

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute – Oil Plus Dispersants May Lead to More Red Tide Events

American Chemical Society – Oil Spills and Dispersants Can Cause the Initiation of Potentially Harmful Dinoflagellate Blooms (“Red Tides”) by Rodrigo Almeda, Sarah Cosgrove, and Edward J. Buskey


12 thoughts on “Q: Is BP Oil Spill’s COREXIT Causing Horrific Red Tide in West Florida Now?

  1. Other idea –
    Zero Hedge – How US Sugar Subsidies Bring A ‘Red Tide’ Of Algae To Florida’s Shores

    “The Red Tide starts as natural growth of the “bad algae” dozens of miles off shore near the continental shelf. That algae can then drift toward shore and enter brackish water inlets. The blooms are not stimulated in open circulating waters. However, they are stimulated to grow and get bigger in the presence of manmade nutrients, such as fertilizers that have run into water sources from agricultural production all over the Gulf of Mexico.

    In contrast, if the water in the Gulf is circulating well, then it brings more natural nutrients to the coastline. These nutrients feed other types of green “good algae” which keeps the Red Tide in check. In other words, mother nature can keep the problem in check.”

    idea – the COREXIT has changed the water circulation pattern in the Gulf making the red tide problem explode. – FC

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