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A new study from Duke University puts into perspective the affects fracking has on the United States’ water supply. While fracking is decades in the making, the researchers, who published the peer-reviewed findings on August 15 in Science Advances, used years of data to draw the conclusion that fracking is destroying the country’s water.

With “much of the water fracking uses lost to humanity,” the “permanent loss of water use for hydraulic fracturing from the hydrosphere” is higher than other forms of energy. The study explained that the water “is highly saline, is difficult to treat, and is often disposed through deep injection wells.” The study also revealed that “from 2011 to 2016, the water use per well increased up to 770 percent.” As Anthony Ingraffea, fracking expert and professor at Cornell University, explained in a ThinkProgress story, “that means we are losing potable water forever in many semi-arid regions…

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3 thoughts on “News study warns fracking is destroying US water supply – NationofChange

  1. Mary,

    I haven’t looked at the post yet, just the headline but those of us who have been involved with fighting fracking and educating other people about its dangers have always known that fracking contaminated aquifers, making it impossible to draw clean water from them ever again. At least not in a few generations. That’s why Nebraska fought Keystone. The Ogallala aquifer.


    • yeah, this looks like a big fat study of the big picture ….
      I couldn’t post directly to the original article because they had no ” repost” button.
      All that stuff about old injection wells is related to the Bugle topics.

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