Is COREXIT wrecking Caribbean beaches?



Photo album of devastating seaweed from the North Atlantic … that just won’t leave!

16 thoughts on “Is COREXIT wrecking Caribbean beaches?

  1. Mark Suddith of shows the path of 91L, at present, is on track to strike the Louisiana, Mississippi boarder. Looks like he’ll be driving down to the area to report on the storm.

    Watch “Hurricane Outlook and Discussion for Sept 2, 2018” on You Tube.

  2. I’ll try again!
    Could radiation be adding to the red tide problem? I remember that during the early days of the Fukushima catastrophe that radiation levels were unusually high in the Florida area.

    Watch “Genomic Chaos! Florida Fern” on You Tube.

    • I didn’t read on Florida early on. But Strontium Milks is down there.
      I think if radiation was red-tide-cause the problem would be on the east and west side of Florida, not just the Gulf side. That’s why I think Corexit is more likely. But if everything falls apart on Florida’s east side it could be rads and not Corexit

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