Another Quake at Watts Bar Nuke Plant in Tenn.


Watts Bar is a Pressurized Water Reactor. DETAILS

Mining Awareness just reported on recent, bigger quakes right around there DAYS AGO.





12 thoughts on “Another Quake at Watts Bar Nuke Plant in Tenn.

  1. Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, Unit 1 and Unit 2 and Watts bar dam are right next to then those earthquakes
    Georgia would love to see that ground sunk there all the way into Georgia the Tennessee river would change course and run into Georgia.
    No more water war for Georgia and Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky won’t like it

    Tennessee River Basin Map
    The Tennessee river does not go into Georgia

  2. Abandoned Nuclear Reactor Hartsville Tennessee The Spa Guy

    Where is Hartsville, Tennessee,_Tennessee

    Where would they get that much water to cold this Nuclear Reactor
    The Tennessee Valley Authority decided to build the massive nuclear plant on land directly next to the Cumberland River in the 1960’s. The idea was to construct four General Electric boiling water reactors to generate electrical power.

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