New Madrid Fault: 3.7 Quake in Miss. (!!)

NOTE:  USGS is slow and unreliable since gov. shutdown this week – FC

VERY SHALLOW, very shaky –


39 thoughts on “New Madrid Fault: 3.7 Quake in Miss. (!!)

  1. Date: 12th Jan 2019 06:42 AM Columbia Regional Airport ] Columbia, Missouri Event: Vehicle Incident
    Number of affected people: Affected person(s) 80

    Date: 12th Jan 2019 05:44 PM Pocahontas, Arkansas Event: HAZMAT
    Number of affected people: Injured person(s) 17
    According to investigators, a self-defense dog spray that mail carriers use went off inside the building, leaving 17 people sick.

    Date: 11th Jan 2019 05:33 AM [Town Creek] Gallatin, Tennessee Event: Environment Pollution
    Number of affected people: 0
    Gallatin Fossil Plant is an four-unit coal -fired power plant near Gallatin, Tennessee operated by TVA, they got an Combustion Turbine Plant as well there

  2. Earthquakes Eastern and mid-America seismic zones
    M 1.4 – 3km SW of Ridgely, Tennessee
    2019-01-16 17:04:22 (UTC) 7.1 km depth

    M 2.2 – 8km NNW of Lepanto, Arkansas
    2019-01-16 04:14:30 (UTC) 8.3 km depth

    M 2.8 – 13km E of Shelbyville, Tennessee
    2019-01-16 02:37:55 (UTC) 7.4 km depth

  3. Event details
    Savannah River Site (SRS) nuclear reservation] Jackson, South Carolina Event: Environment Pollution
    Environment Pollution in USA on January 17 2019 07:44 PM (UTC).
    Leaking rainwater has caused some contamination in the reprocessing plant at SRS.

    I hope the Savannah River nuclear water pollution has not gone off site and got into the Georgia–Florida Aquifer

    Click to access SavannahRiverSiteFinalPHA121707.pdf

  4. Noble County Ohio Gas line fire just a small gas line fire they say
    Enbridge Gas Pipeline Explosion Causes Fireball In Ohio
    According to Reuters, an explosion of an Enbridge natural gas pipeline in Ohio on Monday created a fireball of flame and damaged several homes. The explosion occurred on Enbridge’s Texas Eastern pipeline system and appeared to have destroyed two homes, while firefighters were battling flames on a third as of Monday afternoon. The emergency management director for Noble County, Ohio said that one person was taken to a hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries.

    Two more videos of it
    gas line explosion

    Gas Line Explodes in Noble County

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