Mining Awareness:
Even more on its way – especially Louisiana and along the river (Baton Rouge area).



  1. M.A. says –
    This was from a search for Killona where Waterford Nuclear is located. It applies to the area of River Bend Nuclear near St. Francisville, too (though it’s elevated, whereas Waterford is behind an earthen levee).

    Flood Warning

    Flood Statement

    National Weather Service New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA

    1017 AM CDT Sat May 11 2019

    …The flood warning continues for the following rivers in


    Mississippi River At Red River Landing affecting East Baton

    Rouge…Pointe Coupee and West Feliciana Parishes

    Mississippi River At Baton Rouge affecting East Baton Rouge and

    West Baton Rouge Parishes

    Mississippi River At Donaldsonville affecting Ascension Parish

    Mississippi River At Reserve affecting St. Charles…St. James and

    St. John The Baptist Parishes


    Forecast crests are based upon rainfall that has occurred along with

    anticipated rain for the next 48 hours. Adjustments to the forecasts

    will be made if additional heavy rainfall occurs.

    Do not drive cars through flooded areas. Remember, two feet of

    rushing water can carry away most vehicles including pickups. Turn

    around and don`t drown!

    A followup product will be issued later. Stay tuned to NOAA Weather

    Radio, local tv and radio stations…or your cable provider, for the

    latest information. The latest graphical hydrologic information can

    also be found at Weather.Gov.





    1017 AM CDT Sat May 11 2019

    The Flood Warning continues for

    The Mississippi River At Reserve.

    * Until further notice.

    * At 9:00 AM Saturday the stage was 23.6 feet.

    * Minor flooding is occurring and Minor flooding is forecast.

    * Flood stage is 22.0 feet.

    * Forecast…The river will remain near 23.6 feet.

    * Impact…At 22.0 feet…Marine and industrial interests along the

    river, upstream barge operators, and facilities are impacted.

    Navigation will become difficult for smaller river craft. Safety

    precautions for river traffic are urged.


    LAT…LON 3007 9046 2999 9048 3001 9087 3009 9079


      • Thanks Walter. Those are good maps. It’s really hard to see on most maps. I wonder if those are army corps documents that they posted on the web site. They look like it, but don’t give credit. That web site is sponsored by CH2M Hill, which both cleaned up Rocky Flats in record time AND gave bags to New Orleans for Katrina. I wondered if that waste didn’t go into the sand bags for Katrina. The bags were supposedly empty but maybe they trucked in the waste as filler. They could have used it for wetlands filler too. I wonder if plutonium from Rocky Flats could warm the Gulf?

  2. My question was if the power of the flood might just send the entire reactor to the Gulf of Mexico so quickly that there wasn’t a visible accident. Or, if it would be a Fukushima-like event. I just recalled the horrific scenario of if there is an accident due to flood and they can’t get to chemical plants like in Texas. They are opening another new chemical plant in hurricane’s way – Lotte. One of the head guys committed suicide in 2016 due to corruption investigation.

  3. I need to check out Walter’s find. I don’t know if you saw this from 2018. Probably not the right place, except by a stretch as it is about the canals. I don’t think it talks enough about why they put the Irish cross there on West End in New Orleans.  I knew the cross was there and why.  (Maybe because I’m a fan of Celtic crosses).    It’s because there are so many dead Irish there from building the canal.  When the Irish died digging canals they just threw them in it, all over where they built canals.  The Irish had less value than slaves.  Even the indentures.  I think they got Irish indentures for something like $3.00 when slaves cost $2,000.  The slaves weren’t cheap.  That’s in the money of the early 1800s.    I mean yes, it’s cheap for a life, but it was still a lot of money back then.  Obviously the Irish weren’t fit to work in the swamps of Louisiana.  There’s a big Irish cross in Savannah too.  I’m not sure if it’s for the same reason.

    • How fast can you destroy a railroad track

      German soldiers destroy their own railroads, 1945

      Amazing railway track laying machine

      Gandy Dancers the old way of laying track

    • A big dump.
      I saw the midwest and Neb. flooding saturated the soil and that has a cooling effect (like 1/3 of the US) and it increases precip.

  4. Those people that are playing with our weather and playing god and they are temporary disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere
    You can heat the earth up or send us into a new ice age.

    The solar storm of 2012 that almost sent us back to a post-apocalyptic Stone Age this was posted in July 24, 2014
    you didn’t see it, feel it, or even read about it in the newspapers, Earth was almost knocked back to the Stone Age on July 23, 2012 this solar storm heated the earth up big time

    The solar storm that hit Earth last Thursday delivered only a glancing blow, but in 1859 the planet wasn’t so lucky.
    The Carrington Event

  5. Methane Hydrate ice that burns
    It makes you to think could it, can it happen

    Methane Hydrate ice rain down on the people from heaven
    Massive Methane Blowouts on the seafloor

    Retreating Ice Sheet Spurred Massive Methane Blowouts on the seafloor

    Fire and ice raining down on beast and man, mirroring the Biblical account of the Exodus

    Revelation 16:21 – From the sky huge hailstones
    Hell itself is filled with blasphemies;

    God destroys Sodom and Gomorrah with a rain of fire and brimstone

  6. Knoxville TN rainfall totals
    The highest year on record was 1875 at nearly 74 inches

    LOCAL WEATHER HISTORY: JULY 1875 & THE PATTERN BEHIND IT–the-Pattern-Behind-It-489153511.html

    1875 Mississippi River Flood. Includes previous floods 1718-1858. – Tom Malmay

    What if the Mississippi river change course and made a new channel to the Gulf of Mexico by going down the Atchafalaya river
    New Orleans, drinking water saltwater from the coast would creep into the drinking supply for one
    It would dry up the docks from Baton Rouge to the coast where farmers, oil refineries and chemical plants load their goods.

  7. I see on Zero Hedge that the Morganza spillway might need to be opened in the next week. Hope they give you warning downstream. This would be only the third time ever according to the article.

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