The Dead Dolphins and the Deepwater Horizon Explosion

The Big Wobble The Deepwater Horizon Explosion in 2010 is thought to be responsible for record amounts of dead dolphins washing up along the Gulf of Mexico

“The area where the Dolphins have shown an increase of deaths includes the area where the Deepwater Horizon Explosion impacted the gulf in 2010.”

7 thoughts on “The Dead Dolphins and the Deepwater Horizon Explosion

  1. I had to show this I been looking into this for some time the devastation plagues of the pass
    What happen to the Rocky Mountain locust was it fast becoming extinct.
    1874: The Year of the Locust
    But don’t rest easy just yet. Such invasive insects as the Mormon cricket (actually a katydid) still thrive in the region and have threatened Western crops as recently as the summer of 2010.

    Rocky Mountain Locust breeding range – Melanoplus spretus
    By the time they reached the Missouri River section, vegetation, at least the crops, was too far advanced for them to do material harm

    The Rocky Mountain Locust just how big was it I should say how small it was
    The Rocky Mountain locust was small by typical locust standards, with an adult body length of 20 to 35 mm, long wings that extended past the end of the abdomen, and the enlarged back legs common to most grasshoppers.

  2. Oil eating microbes are destroying sunken Nazi sub thanks to the Deepwater Horizon spill

    “(Natural News) Remember when British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton, and ConocoPhillips indiscriminately dumped tens of thousands of gallons of Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico to supposedly remedy the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil disaster? Well according to experts, this nasty chemical concoction is still floating around in that giant “bathtub,” and is actually now eating away at a submerged German U-boat that was sunk back in 1942 during World War II.”

  3. Oh, did you see the girl or lady who got flesh eating bacteria by getting in the Gulf at Destin Florida? Destin was impacted by the oil spill. On the dead Dolphins, I suspect that the fresh water from Bonnet Carre is still a part of it. The Mississippi AG is threatening to sue about it and he fought big tobacco and I would imagine he doesn’t like big oil. I forget his name, but he’s running for governor.

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