New Madrid Speculation

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15 thoughts on “New Madrid Speculation

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    How about the recent Ohio earthquakes UNDER Lake Erie ?!

    There was also an earthquake around the same time in nearby PA.

    The wild thought occurred to me that maybe something massive is getting ready to happen underground… and what if water from some of the “great lakes” enters the already flooded heartland ?!

    • we were talking on the FC blog that maybe they want to speed up warming to get oil from the arctic lands etc. ….

      • Black carbon spraying from planes

        black carbon coats the surface of snow and ice in the Arctic, it reduces the surface’s reflectivity, causing the snow and ice to absorb more of the sun’s energy, amplifying melt rates and accelerating global warming

        Black carbon in the Arctic blamed on Russia there not the only ones
        Study traces black carbon sources in the Russian Arctic

        Agriculture and Horticulture Russia
        Wheat, sugar beet, potatoes and cereals (maize, barley, oats and rye) are Russia’s most important crops

      • The thing is that the more oil which is pumped from the ground the less money per barrel they get. So not pumping is more lucrative. Later they can fight over the remaining oil. It is interesting for shipping routes, however. Arctic is a sink for ocean radiation which may be why it warms faster. They may also want to inject rad waste into the Arctic, while pretending to pump oil and gas.

        I remember reading about the map that the mouth of the Mississippi R – Gulf inlet would be at least as far as Memphis. The 3/4 western part of Mississippi and probably 3/4 east of Louisiana was part of a Gulf inlet, if I recall correctly from over 20 years ago. They wanted a lot of money for the map so I never got it. It must disappear New Madrid itself and surrounding areas.

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