Not related … but of interest – Jim Bean 🤧
40,000 Whiskey Barrels Ablaze As Fire Rages Through Jim Beam’s Kentucky Warehouses

“The warehouse was in Versailles, Kentucky and caught fire around 11:30 PM Tuesday night. 40 firefighters from five counties responded and a second warehouse also caught fire, but was later contained.”


New Orleans Times-PicayuneJames Gill: These brainy scientists set out to save Louisiana’s coast. They may wind up in jail.

Giant squid in Gulf of Mexico, video

“The monster of the deep comes in for a closer look at their underwater camera. It’s estimated this particular specimen was up to 3.7 metres long.”

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  1. Old River Control Structures–Phenomenon Explained
    The first video in a new series explaining scientific phenomenon! Take a guided tour of the Old River Control Structures built by the US Army Corps of Engineers to control the rate of flow between the Mississippi River and the Atchafalaya Rivers.

    Morganza Spillway: Phenomenon Explained

    History of Engineering Old River: Coming Soon What if the Old River Control Structure Fails: Coming Soon Geography of the Mississippi River in South Louisiana: Coming Soon Mississippi River Series Wrap-up: Coming Soon

  2. List of Atlantic–Pacific crossover hurricanes or vice versa
    in such a scenario, they are not considered the same system.
    As far as I can tell a hurricane crosses over into the Pacific ocean its loses it Atlantic name and get a new Pacific name
    If it crosses back into the Atlantic ocean it get its old name back ?? or a new name ??

    Tropical Cyclone Names
    Eastern North Pacific
    Central North Pacific
    Other Basins

  3. sent in –
    “A couple days ago this system was going to develop and move over Florida and Georgia on Thursday. Now it’s supposed hang around in the northern Gulf of Mexico and move over Louisiana this weekend. Is that sinkhole flooded or almost flooded from all the midwest rain over the past month?
    Although there is not much over hot water, this storm may develop into cat. 1 hurricane. I’ve seen the water temperature map for the Gulf of Mexico, and water temperatures near the norther shore are about 85°.”

  4. “Hurricanetrack” will be tracking the storm as it comes on shore. He’s had several CAM’s set up around a large area to capture the storm from different angles in past hurricanes and because you never know exactly where the hurricane will come on shore.

    Watch “Vehicle Cam PTC2 Mission (Future Barry) Day 1” on You Tube.

  5. sent in –
    ” during the Hurricane Katrina levee failures one of the Rocky Flats cleanup companies gave bags for sandbagging. Supposedly the bags were empty. However, they finished the Rocky Flats cleanup extra fast in that period. Which made me wonder what the bags were filled with. Even if sent empty, were the sandbags ultimately filled with Rocky Flats waste? “

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