Quakes in Tenn.

USGS REPORTS (with a map link) –

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      • History about two Mud Volcanoes is Eastern US from 1812 to 1886
        Yes there was other at that time some were hot springs

        Barrow County, GA is the location of the infamous Nodoroc. Barrow is in the northeastern portion of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The former Wakulla Volcano is located in Wakulla County, FL on the Gulf Coast.

        Georgia Back in the 1800s the mud in the Nodoroc was so acidic and heat so intense that it could dissolve animal flesh in one day, bones in a few days.

        After the massive earthquakes along the New Madrid Fault in 1813 and 1814, the Nodoroc mud volcano began to steadily diminish in size. Then one day, in the mid-19th century it exploded with a mighty roar of flames and searing hot mud and left a mile diameters ring of destruction. Afterward, the flames died.

        There was once another mud volcano in the Southeast. It was the Wakulla volcano in the Florida Panhandle. Like the Nodoroc, it was located in the territory of the Apalache Indians and died during the 1800s. Its eruption ceases after the Charleston, SC 7.3 earthquake of 1886

    • That one in Mascot TN was north of Knoxville TN and it was in the great valley of east TN

      M 1.7 – 4km WNW of Madisonville, Tennessee
      This one is small its below Knoxville TN near Fort Loudoun lake and dam
      It’s in the great valley of East TN
      2019-08-05 16.8 km depth

      I have just started looking into this when plastic break down it like a River of Female hormone
      There reports of the Tennessee River among the most plastic polluted in the world
      A lot of it coming from landfills waste from out of state like NYC

      • yeah, the north exports its trash to the poorest southern counties…. terrible.
        The sci-fi comedy movie “Idiocracy” has Himalaya-high trash mountains hundreds of years into the future. Very realistic.

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