New Madrid Shakes

USGS – M 3.7 Quake –
19km SSE of Gassville, Arkansas
[has map]

7 thoughts on “New Madrid Shakes

    • I just used New Madrid headline because it is better known …plus, I think it includes a wide area.
      Everything shaking a lot.
      Some west coast quake items are on the FC blog too.

      • I was looking at this earthquake near Madisonville , Tennessee in east Tennessee we got to Mountain ranges in east TN one is the Cumberland Plateau and the other is the Blue Ridge Mountains
        Within this two Mountain rangers is a Great Valley in East TN that where this earthquake happen in the TN Valley about a 1,000 feet above sea level

        M 2.1 – 13km SSE of Madisonville, Tennessee
        Date year and time 2019-09-24 12:44:31 (UTC) how deep was it 13.4 km depth

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