Watching Storms in Gulf of Mexico


Storm watching tools



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5 thoughts on “Watching Storms in Gulf of Mexico

  1. Governor’s race. I had meant to write something on it, but let it slip up on me. I had messed up the date. I thought it was early next week but forgot they vote on Saturdays. The Republicans want to do away with Homestead exemption and the Pelican institute that pushes it has a Patel on its board, whose parents have the most horrific motel that I’ve ever seen (on google street view). 15 crappy motel rooms in a tiny Mississippi town sent him to a $50,000 per year or more school? It’s the Scott Motel in Forrest Mississippi. I forget if it was Harvard or Boston U. BU is $50,000 per year. Harvard may be more. I deduce that he wants homestead exemption gone so people lose their homes and the US gov pays for them to stay in crappy Patel motels. Too bad I could have done that instead of Roger Stone. Also Southern Poverty Law Center is calling a group a “hate group” for wanting to reduce immigration from over 1 million per year to 250,000 per year. Where will they put either?

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