6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 🎄 from the Bugle!

  1. In the interests in science we taste tested this product (spiced rum) and can attest this is mighty fine with ginger ale and ice!

  2. Florida Issues “Falling Iguana” Warning As Temps Plunge

    “At about 50F, iguanas can become lethargic. When the temperature drops below 40F, their blood doesn’t move around as quickly. As a result, iguanas can be temporarily paralyzed and fall out of trees, potentially striking a passerby. ”

  3. this is about reducing gas flaring at plants –

    ” The Department of Justice, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) settled with Dow Chemical Company and two subsidiaries, Performance Materials NA Inc. and Union Carbide Corporation at four of Dow‘s petrochemical facilities, one each located in Hahnville and Plaquemine, Louisiana and Freeport and Orange, Texas.

    The Dow/Union Carbide facility in Hahnville, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana is the facility that releases the second largest quantity of Ethylene Oxide into the air in the United States. In association with the Evonik Materials facility in Reserve, the Union Carbide facility and Evonik Materials facility are responsible for the highest risk of cancer from Ethylene Oxide in all of Louisiana and the United States.”

    from LEAN e-mail

    news story –


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