Yikes! New Madrid Fault Warning! 😬

Daily Mail [UK] –

Experts warn central U.S. should prepare for devastating magnitude 7 earthquake that could hit Missouri fault line at any time as ‘fear of the big one’ in California remains

  • The USGS puts the risk of a magnitude 7 earthquake in central U.S. at 10 percent
  • They predict it could happen within 50 years
  • The odds are higher for a magnitude 6 earthquake: 40 percent within 50 years
  • A quake is likely to originate at the New Madrid Fault in New Madrid, Missouri 
  • Emergency experts say homes and businesses are not well prepared for the risk 




8 thoughts on “Yikes! New Madrid Fault Warning! 😬

    • I went to the lower left corner to change ‘layers’ to the photo-like view. The map has 2022 date but it looks like a really old image as the edge isn’t even near any houses.

  1. I just went to G00gle Earth and the image is the same. The date at the bottom says 2021. But it looks like a wrong image. There are adult trees all around the sinkhole which would not have had time to grow since its biggest expansion. I think it went to the size recorded here and then the mud and fallen trees filled in the edges quite a bit (my guess).

  2. NEW MADRID FAULT ZONE headlines – – – –

    (Mar. 7) Experts: Central U.S. needs to be ready for next earthquake

    (Mar. 4) Ready for the next big one? Experts meet in St. Louis to plan for a New Madrid earthquake

    (Feb. 9) New Madrid fault line escape routes

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