Gulf Coast Weather Concerns

The Big Wobble
What you need to know! Four potential tropical depressions forming in the Atlantic and the Gulf as Hurricane Dorian becomes a multi record-breaker

“Showers and thunderstorms associated with a large low pressure system located over the west-central Gulf of Mexico about 200 miles east-northeast of Tampico, Mexico, is showing signs of organization extreme left of the map above). “


The Dead Dolphins and the Deepwater Horizon Explosion

The Big Wobble The Deepwater Horizon Explosion in 2010 is thought to be responsible for record amounts of dead dolphins washing up along the Gulf of Mexico

“The area where the Dolphins have shown an increase of deaths includes the area where the Deepwater Horizon Explosion impacted the gulf in 2010.”

Historic flooding could soon deluge parts of several Southern states along the lower Mississippi River – CBS

CBS News –
“Potentially historic” flooding threatens Southern states

“Scientists are warning that historic flooding could soon deluge parts of several Southern states along the lower Mississippi River, where floodwaters could persist for several weeks. The flood threat in the South will be discussed Thursday, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases its 2019 spring outlook.

Experts plan a briefing on their flood forecast at the National Water Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Thursday’s report is aimed at helping emergency managers and other safety officials to prepare for flooding.”


We will be watching the area nuke plants which cannot handle rising water very well.


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“Symptoms in areas of unidentified radar spikes: dizziness, off-balance, unable to concentrate, skin burning sensations, ringing in the ears, lethargic, irritability”

Items on quakes in Tenn. are in COMMENTS  – FC

Getting Closer – Storm Approaching Gulf of Mexico – Heading to Alabama

Rip currents are in the news … so best to keep out of the water Dangerous rip currents build in Orange Beach, several swimmers rescued


 WAFB – Storm Alberto maintains strength as it approaches Gulf Coast

It is heading for Alabama – Alberto Latest: Intensifying and Approaching the Coast